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Archer Legends and Upcoming Stars

Today I thought of making a new segment in my blog about my team’s star players and upcoming stars.

First up, the Archers’ pride and soul, the captain and scoring machine, one time United Football League scoring champion and best player of the league, Alfredo “The Philippine Eagle” Varela

The Philippine Eagle

He uses his pace, good footwork, and powerful long drives to score against the unlucky goalkeepers who try to stop his shots. He started his career in the Junior Archers Academy and was inspired by the Archers before him. He started his first match for the Green and Black at the age of seventeen and scored three goals in fourteen matches. After that, the rest is history. He went on to score 198 goals in 305 matches so far and still going strong.

Words from the man:
“I just want to keep scoring, and hear the fans chant my name. I want to help the Archers win, I want to lead the team the right way by being a model player for all of them, especially the young ones. Marikina has embraced me and gave me a chance to play when I was a teenager. This city is special and want to play the rest of my career here. I love the Archers!”

The second player, is arguably the best all time defender of the Archers and at only 23 years of age, he can only be better. Presenting, Alvaro Puerta

Alvaro Puerta

At 23 years of age, who would’ve thought that the skinny lad from barangay Parang, Marikina, would grow up to be a 187cm tall mass of power and skill. Alvaro Puerta is starting to make his mark in the United Football League with his crunching tackles and shadow-like marking which will make any manager proud. Though prone to getting yellow cards and warnings, his presence alone will intimidate any sort of striker who ventures into the heart of the Archer defense.

Words from the man:
“Defense is what I do best! When I was a kid, I always felt bad when another kid scored at my expense. Since I was about thirteen, I vowed to myself that I would improve defensively and never give in to the opposing attacker. I bulked up and improved my strength.”

United Football League giant Green Archers will look to sign left winger Pablo Anton Gonzalez as they hope to make their formations more flexible. Great local players are rare in the Philippine League as there are very few local clubs willing to part from their talents. Gonzalez is currently playing for MKGuerra FC who are currently sitting at 17th spot in the standings.

This is what Archers manager and owner Jimbo told Archer Pride about the talented midfielder:

“Pablo [Gonzalez] is a fast winger with good technique and scoring skills. We will definitely be needing his skill in the wings especially when injuries and suspensions occur. He is also Filipino, which will make our squad more dynamic and gives us more choices at midfield. I am determined to sign him and I hope we do. There are a lot of clubs looking to sign him, too.”

Green Archers in Season 26 of Trophy Manager

The Logo

It’s been a tough season so far for the Archers, winning only 5 out of 21 matches. It just shows how the match engine (ME) isn’t as predictable as it used to be. I was winning despite not having a great midfield but now it is different. I just hope that I can stave off relegation for another season.

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