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New Archer

When Guillermo was bought by then newcomers, Lex Talionis, he thought that his stay with the Talions would be permanent but after five seasons they sold him to French Ligue 2 side, Olympic Carew. Now he was sold again by his new club and was snatched by the Green Archers on Saturday morning.

Words from the man:
“It’s always good to be back home. Nothing beats the Philippine atmosphere. I see my family and friends here. I am honored to wear the Green and Black and would like to make the fans proud of who they signed. I’m still getting to know most of the players but everyday is a new experience and it’s part of being a professional football player. I am thankful for Mr. Jimbo for giving me confidence and bringing me back to the Philippines. I hope I retire in such a great club.”

I loved it the first time I heard it. It’s the opening theme from the anime Tamayura Hitotose. It has a lovely soothing and relaxing feel to it. Maaya Sakamoto has really outdone herself in this one.

The Legendary Number 1

Sold to Scape United in season twenty-four of the United Football League, Agustin Galvan was hailed the legend of the Green Archers for a long time. Now at the age of 32 (nearing 33) he is already facing the twilight of his career but no doubt that this experienced shot-stopper will always be in the hearts of the Verdeneri.

Words from the man:
“I always thought of Green Archers as my home. They developed me in what I am today. I am grateful for their efforts in training me. When they decided to sell me, I was devastated but I knew it was all for the benefit of the club.”

“Scape United is a good club, we are now fourth in the league and we are continuing to be better. But, I must admit it still breaks my heart to face my old team (Archers). All those years, wow. When I retire, i wish to be part of the Junior Archers caching staff, to help the young ones grow. There won’t be another Agustin (Galvan) but better ones will come.”

Archers manager and owner, Jimbo, said that the team has decided to retire Agustin’s number one jersey except if Agustin decides to give it to someone else.

JPOP Single – Zero by Bump of Chicken

It has a good revitalizing and encouraging feel to it. It’s a must have if you are a fan of the band. And who wouldn’t want a song from a band named Bump of Chicken?

Archer Legends and Upcoming Stars.

Archers Forward, Varela, just reached the double century mark in goals scored!