Archers star left winger, Ilir Ajazi, calls for focus ahead of the new season as they aim for more success in the Philippine United Football League. Ajazi, scored nine goals and assisted the same amount last season which justifies why Archers owner and manager, Jimbo, was so excited in bringing him to the Marikina side.

Ilir Ajazi

“We have a strong squad this season and hope to build on it for the long term. I hope that we can get more wins this season. We are a deep squad and we have a lot of quality in our youth squad. I am happy that I was brought here, I love it here and the atmosphere in training and in the locker room is great” Ajazi said to AP.

Ilir was also asked about what he thinks about rumors about Varela leaving at the send of the season.
“I hope he doesn’t go. He is our leader and he is our friend. But, if this will be for the good of the team he says he will not take it personally. I know I will, too.”