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Archers star winger Ilir Ajazi believes that there should be a statue made in tribute of the current star striker Alfredo “The Philippine Eagle” Varela. The star striker and Archer talisman is set to leave the Archers to make funds for a younger forward.

“I believe a monument is in order. I mean, the player has played his best games for the green and black. He deserves this. He is going to take the extreme sacrifice of leaving the club that he loves since childhood. It is not easy for any football player to leave such a prestigious club.” The Albanian winger told AP.

The rebuilding process of the Archers will start in front where team owner Jimbo wishes to strengthen further their feared front line.

“We will start looking for good and capable strikers that will fit our style of play. We will be looking at injury reports, match statistics, and youth. But, most important of all, the player must score goals. A monument for the Philippine Eagle? Yes I was talking with the players and the agree with Ilir too. The have a lot of respect for Alfredo he is their captain. We will get it started and hopefully the new statue will be unveiled at the start of next season.” Jimbo told AP.

   The Archers talisman and leading scorer could leave the Archers to make way for younger scorers. Team owner, Jimbo, told AP that he will be selling the 29 year-old striker soon and the funds from the transfer would be used to buy a younger striker to pair with Kuwaiti forward, Samir Al-Doukhi.

A very emotional Jimbo spoke with AP about this news.

"It's a very painful decision and one that I take very personally. We have known Alfredo since he joined our youth ranks. He was a skinny lad and was easily pushed around in training but he worked really hard to strengthen his body and his scoring and it showed in his scoring record. He understands that times change and he is not getting any younger. He loves the club and that's why he agreed on my decision. I have talked to him about it in the start of the season. He is a club legend and will always will be in the hearts of the Archer fans."

The Philippine Eagle reacted to his managers words in a positive way.

"I love the Archers, they were patient with me and I rewarded them with tremendous effort and leadership every time I was in the pitch. It will be very difficult to leave, I have lots of friends and family here. If it will mean that the team will be stronger then I will support it. When my playing days are over, I will definitely come back to the Archers maybe coaching the youth squad would be nice." the experienced forward told AP

The Philippine Eagle scored 232 league goals in 347 appearances.