Archers managers and owner, Jimbo, told AP that he decided not to sell the 30yo legendary striker, Alfredo Varela aka. The Philippine Eagle even though there were strong reports claiming otherwise. The decision came when the Philippine Eagle could not stop scoring about a month ago. Varela, 30 years young, have scored 35 goals thus far in only 30 matches and the most he has scored in a single season breaking his own record of 32 in season 25.

“It was a decision of the board and Varela. He really did not want to leave and I think the number of goals he scored this season is reflective of his love for the club. He is a legend and this will solidify his claim for hall of fame in the UFL. Managers from other teams felt that he should not go, they kept calling me and said he is too much of a treasure to let go and at his age it would not be wise to let go of a true leader.” Jimbo told AP

“I would have to thank the lions’ and Scape’s manager, they talked me into not pulling the trigger. I’m glad where we are now, just a few points out of top place. It’s a magical season and I’m glad Alfredo will be part of it.”