The Verdeneri are famous for bringing in young talent and making them into stars for the future. Owner/Manager Jimbo told Archer Pride (AP) who are the players to watch out for in the team in the coming seasons.

Bernardo Capossela
Position: DC
Age: 23
Height: 194cm

First is Bernardo Capossela. The Sammarinese defender is a growing force in the United Football League (UFL) where he is touted to be the successor of Ramiro Carrera as third choice central defender. He is strong, good in the air, has great stamina, and relentless. He is good at marking his opponent and makes good use of his excellent positioning. He still has long ways to go in terms of experience but he is capable of being a leading defender in the UFL.

Eduardo Cuesta
Position: OMR
Age: 22
Height: 186cm

Eduardo Cuesta is a young winger who lacks in experience. But what he lacks in experience he makes up with his skill with the ball. He possesses incredible technique, strength, and speed. He is a decent scorer but is a better play-maker. With more and more games under his belt, this young Filipino will be running rampant on the right flank for years to come.

Andrés Felipe Navarro
Position: DC
Age: 22
Height: 180cm

Andres Felipe Navarro, or Felipe for short, is one of the truly under the radar talents of the UFL. Jimbo said he has great potential but he is unwilling to say more. All is known from this player is that he has a good physique and decent defending skills. Though he is not as good in the air as many would hope, Jimbo is confident that he will be one of the leading local defenders in the UFL in due time.

Álvaro Torres
Position: MC
Age: 19
Height: 181cm

If there is one player who to look out most out of all the youngsters in the squad, Alvaro Torres would be the one to watch. Known as the Marikina Wonderkid, Alvaro Torres possesses great skill with the ball better than most players at his age. He his brilliant in the air and has good defensive skills and awareness. Though his stamina needs to be improved Jimbo is confident that Alvaro will develop into a leading force in the squad in the future and says his true potential is not yet seen.