The Green Archers are set to announce the completion of a state of the art youth development grounds and will be the home of the Junior Archers starting next season. The training ground is to be called “Campo Verde” or Camp Green and is 100,000 square meters big. Green Archers owner Jimbo spearheaded the project and said that the camp will try to bring in and train highly touted youth prospects of all ages.

“Campo Verde will be the battle grounds of the up and coming youngsters of the Archers. It’s a battle ground, since many youngsters in the Philippines want to be part of the team but we have limited spots.” Archers owner Jimbo told AP

“A big investment was put into this project but it will be worth it. We are not expecting immediate results but we are patient. We are planning ahead since we have a lot of veteran players this term.” he added

Notes: The Archers are currently in first place ahead of MAAP, Scape United, and Blue Wave FC. The Archers are the first team in the Philippines to build such a facility and will also train the U-20 National Team.