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Green Archers captain, Alfredo Varela, was devastated that his squad lost due to questionable decisions by the referee. The 34 year old captain was angered and saddened by the Archers loss to mid table squad Lex Talionis with a 3-4 final score. 

“The fans were obviously disappointed and so are we. I saw the tackle and it didn’t look bad! I didn’t know what the ref was thinking. It was a bad call” Varela told AP

“We are still believing but if crazy decisions like that hinder us from closing the gap on Blue Wave FC, then what can we do? We play hard as we can but it seems a greater power is denying us of a title.” he added

The Archers are currently 5 points behind local powerhouse Blue Wave FC and Jimbo believes that they put themselves in a tough spot with missed chances and bad games. 

“We played poorly in the Lex game. I told the players if you are going to foul them that hard why not just play American football? Results like this one is unacceptable and championship teams rarely play this poor.” Jimbo told AP

With only 9 games to go, it will be tough for the Archers to win all of the 9 remaining games to remain in the hunt for that elusive title but if they do it will be one of the best come from behind victories of the tournament. 







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The Archers’ iconic captain told AP that the team has not played to its fullest capacity as of late and has dwindled its lead against local rivals Blue Wave FC to just a point after not being able to put away lions of munich FC last Wednesday. The game ended in a 3-3 stalemate where both Verala and Chica have made incredible individual efforts each scoring a hat-trick.

“We are simply not putting the title out of the reach of Blue Wave (FC)” the Philippine Eagle told AP

“We need to play near perfect in the coming weeks. A loss or a draw would be very devastating, both for the team and the fans. It’s war from now on, and we plan to take things one game at a time. We will do better and with the backing from the fans, we can do the impossible”

The thought of winning the title a few seasons ago was indeed a dream but now with an addition of key players like Verhassel, Al-Harthi, and Sheng, the Verdeneri can dream once again of a title that has long eluded the team since it’s founding in 2007.