Archers boss, Jimbo, talked to AP about his team’s title run demise at the hands of local rivals and father time. The vocal owner, further told AP that he does not plan to give and says that one last title push is possible even with a lot of aging squad members.

“This season shows all aspiring teams that it is possible to reach 2nd, 3rd, or 4th by buying some good players. But it takes a lot of heavy investing to win a championship. I have told people before, that I would shock the world, and I may have come short on a few occasions but I think we are poised for a strong push in the next season. Changes? I would sell a few and but one or two good players to help out in the effort, but I won’t guarantee this. We need to spend wisely this time unlike past spending ventures.” The 28 year old manager/owner told AP.

“We are not a young team. I’m almost certain that we will lose some people to retirement in about two to three seasons. I’m not that worried, though. We have a lot of talented young players waiting in the reserves. They are not as strong as the old guard but they are definitely capable. We are working to get a great midfielder or defender in our lineup next season, but it’s not a guarantee. We ask the fans to be patient. We will win this someday, may it be next season or in twenty seasons.”

The team was also disappointed at how the team crumbled towards the later half of the campaign ruing lost games to weaker opposition. AP spoke to Archer Captain Alfredo Varela about the team’s reaction to a possible 2nd place finish.

“No one is happy to be honest. We were, at one point, shaking our heads and wondering what happened. We started so strong and we crumbled. We had bad games, a lot of decisions didn’t go our way. It’s sad, I don’t know if all of us can every recover from this. We tried so hard. But I guess trying is not enough. Some teams are more lucky than you, stronger than you, hungrier than you. We were not that team, and it showed in the end.”

The Archers will face, now crowned UFL champions, Blue Wave FC.