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The former Archers captain, Alfredo “The Philippine Eagle” Varela was given the task to handle the Junior Archers last Friday. The former King Archer promises more respected talent to come and is happy of the support club owner/manager has given him.

“I can’t stay away from football for too long. I love the city and the club, so when Jimbo approached me for the job, I could not say no. I know how important my role will be. When I was a young lad playing for the Junior Archers, I was given the opportunity to show my skills and improve them everyday in training. I’m excited to get started.”

Verala is the Archers’ all time leader in games played(545), goals(392), and assists(105).




Cesar Agudo is still eighteen years of age but he is starting to be a force to be reckoned with in the heart of the Junior Archers’ defense. Agudo is tall, powerful, fast, and will stick to his man like glue. He will be important for the senior team because of aging defenders like Iglesias and Puerta which also is weakened considerably and one of the main reasons for inconsistency of the team’s performances. 

“I try to improve every week I train. I aspire to be part of the national squad someday but I’m still far from achieving what Iglesias and Rodriguez (Scape) gives to the team. I’m in no rush, I’ll continue to work with the coaches in improving my game and see if I’m ready in a few years to get some first team action.” The talented defender told AP

Archers boss, Jimbo, told the press on Thursday evening that he is thrilled on how the club is shaping up to be a competitive force again in the UFL. The club has undergone some difficult times as some of the club’s prominent players have struggled due to injuries, age, and retirement. 

“The club is really taking shape. We are starting to know where we are lacking and we are trying to be smart with our purchases. Not all big money purchases are good for the club. We ask the fans to be patient with us since it’s a long process but one which is necessary.” the big boss told the press

Alfredo Varela, who is now set to sign a contract that would make him a youth player coach, said to the press that he is excited with the recruitment of the club. 

“Some of the players here have really good potential and they can contribute early. Some of the players have already featured in the Junior Archers. We are taking note of their strengths and studying how they can fit in at the senior level.” The former Archer captain told AP

The Archers currently sit third in the league table and are in a fight with Scape United, MAAP, and Lex Talionis for a RoW Cup spot.