Former Archers captain and powerful defender, Álvaro Puerta, says that the club he grew up in shows signs that it can be dominant in the UFL again. He also added that the team is doing the right thing in investing in younger players and says that there are a lot of promising young players in the squad. 

“The team needs time to get their act together. It is always not easy to win consistently when you lose talent such as Llama and Verhassel” Álvaro told AP.

“The club is right to invest in younger players. I grew up in their youth system and I think some of the current youth players need the guidance of the team veterans to shine.”

Álvaro Puerta, 33, is currently in his first stint for the lions of munich which is currently occupying the top spot of the United Football League with a 5 point lead against local rivals Diliman Ultimate Organization. The Archers sit in the 8th spot 7 points behind the last RoW Cup qualifying spot. The Archers battle 7th spot Lex Talionis on Sunday.