Archers owner, Jimbo, told Archer Pride that at the team needs to address the needs of the team as soon as possible. The Verdeneri boss feels like the team needs to push harder for a top 3 spot to assure them of RoW action next term.

“I feel that the team has really underachieved. We’ve been one of the country’s top clubs and now I feel we have let ourselves drop season after season.” the boss said to AP

“I think that we need to start in attack and midfield. We need to sell some guys and attract top quality talent. It seems that many clubs are pushing for a win now strategy, buying old but developed talent, and it is something that I have considered. But success cannot be rushed and we want to give our youngsters a chance to shine and learn with the senior team.”

The Green Archers are sitting at the ninth spot and level in points with Saint Francis Athletic and Blue Wave FC.