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This is one of the opening themes of one of my favorite Gundam series, Gundam Seed. It’s has a jazz feel to it and sounds very relaxing.



The Green Archers have recently signed 15-year-old defensive prodigy Tomás Matías. The teen defender hails from Kalibo Aklan and has signed for the UFL side. Team youth manager Alfredo Valera was very happy with his addition and says he will be very helpful to the team when the time arrives when he dons the green and black.

Tomás is a very versatile player who can play in the center and right flank. He says he can also play in the left flank but we have to evaluate him further. We welcome him with open arms and we will be working with him and improved his defensive skills” Alfredo told media

Tomás Matías was discovered when he attended a Verdeneri tryouts in his hometown and was highly touted to be a future starter. Still at a tender age, he will be trained well by the club’s coaches and will be evaluated by Jimbo himself. 

“I am glad to be part of the ‘Green and Black’. I have a chance to develop with other gifted children like me. It’s fun and at the same time I know I can contribute to the team when the time comes. ” the 15-year-old said

Matias will join César AgudoEnrique José LargoGaspar AlonsoCelestino Heredia, and Ismael Maroto as the Verdeneri’s “Green Wall” and will someday defend the goal in the senior team in which young attackers from other teams should fear when their time comes in the senior level.   

Coinciding with the drastic improvement of the Green Archers’ performance in season 38, team owner Jimbo told AP that the team is strong enough to challenge for a RoW Cup spot and also a slight chance at the RoW League next season. The Sudden surge was created by a few key additions to the team and slight changes in tactics. The team used to play just tree defenders at one point last season but was forced to change the tactic because of unfavorable results of which Jimbo was quick to acknowledge.

“We played poorly last season and it was mostly my fault. We should not have changed formations too drastically. It was a mistake and won’t happen again.”

“Archer fans can dream again. They are very loyal and very few leave each season. We are a family here in the Stadio L’Arciere. The players here know that they can grow and improve each season in hopes to play for the first team. We want to win but improving every season comes first.” the Archer boss added

The Archers currently sit 6th in the table with 14 games to play. They face league leaders Scape United on Sunday afternoon. 



This music video is recently from one of the anime I’ve been watching in my local Animax cable channel, Arpeggio of Blue Steel (蒼き鋼のアルペジオ) which is a 12 part anime series adapted from a manga series of the same name.

It’s pretty short but it has lots of potential to be a lot more interesting. I think that It being short means that the most of the story line was rushed to a point that some people may find it difficult to find one character they like the most. Also, why on earth did Chihaya Gunzo, the young protagonist, accepted the request of Iona (the mental model of his submarine) to join him at life at sea doing battles and working as a gun fro hire basically? Oh by the way, mental models are, in my terms, the personification of the alien ship’s computer or the ship itself which is pretty cool if you ask me. But that being said it’s still an anime series worth watching. I followed it since day one and I’m hooked on the series. Watch it if you can. 

Here is the plot according to its Wikipedia page. 

Due to global warming and rising sea levels in the early 21st century, much of Earth’s landmass has been lost. In 2039, fleets of powerful sentient warships, armed with advanced technology and weaponry, mysteriously appear and decimate the world’s naval forces. These ships, collectively called ‘The Fleet of Fog’, impose a worldwide naval and aerial blockade, preventing humanity from both traveling the oceans and to other nations. During the blockade, the Fleet of Fog created Mental Models, humanoid avatars containing a ship’s Union core, as a means to develop self cultivation and overcome their lack of creative thinking of tactics like humans, which at the same time made the Mental Models have their own unique personality.

In 2056, 17 years after the blockade began, Gunzō Chihaya, a former student of the Japanese National Marine Academy, is the captain of small group of privateers called the ‘Blue Steel’. The Blue Steel are infamous for possessing a Fog submarine, the I-401, along with its Mental Model Iona, who defected to the human side. Due to I-401’s technology and Gunzō’s tactical skills, the Blue Steel have not only survived several encounters with the Fleet of Fog but managed to sink one of their most powerful warships.

Gunzō and his crew are hired by a faction of the Japanese government to deliver the prototype for a powerful weapon, a weapon that may finally allow mankind to fight back against the Fog, to the United States. The United States is the only country with the resources and capability to mass-produce the weapon system. However, the Blue Steel will face obstacles on their journey not only from the Fleet of Fog and their human allies, but from other governments and factions with their own agendas. Along the way they will also gain allies of their own from both sides, increasing their chances against seemingly overwhelming odds.


The video above is a music video of one of the ending themes of the series. It’s sung by Trident a three girl group made up of Hibiku Yamamura (Mental Model Haruna), Mai Fuchigami (Mental Model Iona), and Manami Numakura (Mental Model Takao). It’s very good and upbeat. 



1. HAREM! 🙂

2. Iona is so cute and adorable

3. Cool naval battles and fight scenes


1. Too short

2. Almost no character development (rushed story) 


So there you have it. I won’t spoil much of the action for you so you have to watch it for yourselves. This is Jimbo, Ikimasu! 

This article that I chose to do is on discussing why it’s very difficult to create a very good team whatever your league is. Now most TM managers know that in creating a good team, you need good players in each and every position. But the key is collecting them and make sure that each of them is at their peak in terms of skills, age, and routine. That in itself is the most challenging part of being a TM manager. You will almost have to be lucky in youth drafting because of the 5 foreigner spot rule. If anything this ideal situation is almost impossible with the financial conditions, youth luck, and transfer list opportunities all need to be right. 

Unlike the real world, players in TM don’t look at teams’ prestige, higher wages, division, and chances at playing internationally. The players go where the highest bid submitted to their club is. It’s very frustrating for a top division club to lose a good player to a 4th division team with a losing record. It mostly does not make sense because it is a game. Game logic is very unique that way. Clubs in the 4th division can match a top division club financially which makes it all more difficult for many inexperienced managers.

Remember, these are not bots you are going against but live human beings wanting the same thing you want. A Championship. 

Real life also comes in the way of creating a good team. Like anything that needs planning if you don’t dedicate enough time it usually results in a rushed execution. In my opinion TM is a not so user friendly game if you want to succeed with little effort. If you’re looking for an easy game with a very gradual learning curve, then Trophy Manager is probably not the football manager game for you.




Facepalm PBA Moment   

With the conclusion of the recent 2014 Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) rookie draft where Filipino boxing legend, Manny Pacquiao, was drafted 11th by new team Kia Motors and made me think that the league is already a joke and a shell of its former self. Gone are the days that the league drafted legends in the making, gathering truly gifted and hardworking athletes into its teams. Right now the draft is making a mockery of the teams and PBA legends that helped raise the league standard to a really high level. right now we keep drafting unknown so-called Fil-Ams (Filipino-Americans) or Fil-Whatevers. The complete draft results can be found here. I honestly think that the Pacman is just grabbing attention and not really thinking straight. His team, yes Manny owns Kia’s basketball team, even drafted his cousin Rene Pacquiao! Now that is insane and not good for business in so many levels, I won’t even try to make sense of it. 

Pacquiao a no-show at PBA Draft Combine but cousin Rene shows wares


DLSU WIns its 7th Straight

In more celebration-worthy news, the De La Salle University Green Archers (not my Trophy Manager team) has just won it’s 7th straight game and is now tied for the top spot in the league along with Far Eastern University Tamaraws with 7 wins and 2 losses. The win came at the expense of the University of the Philippines Fighting Maroons winning convincingly with a final score of 74 – 53.

Jeron Teng is back to his dominant self driving strong to the basket and at the same time getting his teammates involved. He now reminds me of a less athletic Blake Griffin with his superior body strength and drives to the hoop. Along with him, Almond Vosotros broke out of his shooting slump and started to shoot threes once again. It will be important for DLSU to add three point shooting to their offense since it will open the paint more often to make Jeron more lethal in games. I still think that the team lacks some much needed consistency in low-post scoring. We also don’t block much shots so it will be very difficult to emulate what National University did to Ateneo de Manila University yesterday, August 24.


What the hell PLDT?

This one will be short since it’s been resolved quite quickly. About two days ago I was surprised that our internet connection, provided by PLDT, was restricted due to an unpaid balance that we had for the month of August. So I paid the bill online via a link provided by PLDT. I called their billing department the next day and I was surprised that they admitted that they was not able to send out our bill for the month. So I said to myself, that how does a big company like PLDT treat their customers in this manner? Why is it that they are so quick to ban people from using their services even though it’s their fault we were not able to pay to begin with? Is it their way of saying that we need to subscribe to their paperless billing service? I hope not. 






Fairy Tail 396 c/o

The 396th manga of Fairy Tail just went out last week and I found it very much like a common FT battle issue. With Natsu and Gajeel clash against the two Tartarus demons, Torafusa and Tempesta. Though the issue is creating much attention due to an appearance of one or two Gajeel X Levy moments.

A major Gajeel X Levy Moment if I ever saw one.

The image above shows Levy giving the “breath of life” to Gajeel when he was losing air when immersed under Torafusa’s poisonous water magic. It was a major step forward since there was never much moments like this one involving the two prior to this issue. 

Hands off!!!

I just love the romance in this manga since it’s so subtle yet so awesome when they do happen. Now I just wish Natsu and Lucy would have a similar moment together so I can do massive fist pumps all day. 

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Video thanks to JKtKJ Charts

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Being a manager is tough enough if your aim to win a few trophies. But being a GT and being an NT manager are also tough jobs. So here are a bit of my thoughts about each one role in the game. 

Being NT Manager

Managing a team requires some tactical knowledge, knowledge of the strength of the team and each player, and a bit of luck. The only difference between managing your local team and an NT is the NT has freakishly powerful players while your local team does not. Weaknesses are less obvious because each player in the team are powerful. The weaker the team, the more experience is needed to get the most out of each player from team mentality to subs all count in every game.

The Philippine NT is a unique case since there are lots of candidates for starting in the NT. It is a medium strength team (I think) and because of this it’s not every season that we get to advance to group stages of big international tourneys. It’s a team in transition which does not reflect the country’s ranking in the RoW due to successes of many local clubs.

Being a GT

Being a GT is quite awesome, actually. You get to hear complaints and see different views from fellow GTs and sometimes views from the MTs. You have the power to ban people from the game which I must admit is quite fun (with a purpose of course). Teams PM you about cases of cheating, but I must admit I rarely reply to them since the right way to report a case is via the suspect club’s page. Catching multis (managers with multiple illegal clubs) can be tricky, which I learned in my first season as GT. But sometimes cheaters make it very easy for me by sending me a PM that they have a second team and want their team banned. Sometimes they shot themselves in the foot and say they have a family member with another team and has the same name as their team, etc. 

I also have an issue with managers posting false advertisements for their players for sale. I think it’s wrong and warrants a warning at least.  


Being a Local Team Manager

Having not won any major trophy since I took over the team a few years back is not affecting my morale one bit. Making a blog like this one is making things interesting for both my local club and for managers who know me. I really hope the number of active managers rise so I can show them the beauty of TM if they do decide to stick around long enough. Each time I post about my make believe youth drafting and increasing “efforts” in drafting youth players in my blog, I pray that I don’t actually jinx my chances in landing a good 5*. 

I also think that some teams are too quiet and should post in the forum more, or at the very least answer our feed comments about their teams. After all, how else can we make our league more fun if we don’t communicate?