Archers Manager/Owner Jimbo looking great as usual

Archers manager owner Jimbo stated that to win the league starts with quality locals. The team has currently undergone a new strategy that focuses on local player development.

“Powerful teams start with the locals. Right now teams think that being lucky is the only way to go when looking for quality local players but I think it is a wrong way of thinking. At the Stadio L’Arciere, we give them opportunities to shine and show their worth to the squad. If they don’t develop well, then that is the time we part ways” Jimbo told media

“I think it’s great that other teams are also attracting good local talent. Though sometimes they don’t have the patience to wait for most of them to develop. These kids need chances and we are giving them that chance.”

The Archers have an extensive scouting network which includes satellite offices in each region and 72 scouts working in different parts of the Philippines and the World.   

Archers manager Jimbo will look into a partnership with some foreign teams to help in bringing in quality youngsters into the club. The team will look to add to their attack next week as they will hold tryouts next Saturday in Iloilo.