preview07f88a19c5a97da2882f33bef3ec7f78At 6 feet 9 inches, French forward Florian Antonini could easily be the tallest forward in the UFL today and is the tallest purchase of the Green Archers. The player is just starting to reach his full potential and could be a very good player for the Junior Archers. Froilan could feature in his first game on Wednesday for the young squad and is being tutored personally by former Archers captain and current youth manager, Alfredo Varela.

The Frenchman arrived Sunday evening and is excited to start training with his new squad. 

“I hope we can keep him. If turns out to be a great player, I think it is really possible that he could stay to start for the senior team. He is strong and quick, which is rare for young players.” Alfredo said

At only 50M, this could easily be a real bargain for the Verdeneri and Owner/Manager Jimbo is happy to bring the news to the fans. 

“I was not thinking that we could get him at that price. It’s a miracle if you ask me.” Jimbo told media 

Note: Froilan is just 22 years of age and is starting to bloom. Jimbo was already to pull out of the bid war but then the rival bidders stopped at the last moment.