Being a manager is tough enough if your aim to win a few trophies. But being a GT and being an NT manager are also tough jobs. So here are a bit of my thoughts about each one role in the game. 

Being NT Manager

Managing a team requires some tactical knowledge, knowledge of the strength of the team and each player, and a bit of luck. The only difference between managing your local team and an NT is the NT has freakishly powerful players while your local team does not. Weaknesses are less obvious because each player in the team are powerful. The weaker the team, the more experience is needed to get the most out of each player from team mentality to subs all count in every game.

The Philippine NT is a unique case since there are lots of candidates for starting in the NT. It is a medium strength team (I think) and because of this it’s not every season that we get to advance to group stages of big international tourneys. It’s a team in transition which does not reflect the country’s ranking in the RoW due to successes of many local clubs.

Being a GT

Being a GT is quite awesome, actually. You get to hear complaints and see different views from fellow GTs and sometimes views from the MTs. You have the power to ban people from the game which I must admit is quite fun (with a purpose of course). Teams PM you about cases of cheating, but I must admit I rarely reply to them since the right way to report a case is via the suspect club’s page. Catching multis (managers with multiple illegal clubs) can be tricky, which I learned in my first season as GT. But sometimes cheaters make it very easy for me by sending me a PM that they have a second team and want their team banned. Sometimes they shot themselves in the foot and say they have a family member with another team and has the same name as their team, etc. 

I also have an issue with managers posting false advertisements for their players for sale. I think it’s wrong and warrants a warning at least.  


Being a Local Team Manager

Having not won any major trophy since I took over the team a few years back is not affecting my morale one bit. Making a blog like this one is making things interesting for both my local club and for managers who know me. I really hope the number of active managers rise so I can show them the beauty of TM if they do decide to stick around long enough. Each time I post about my make believe youth drafting and increasing “efforts” in drafting youth players in my blog, I pray that I don’t actually jinx my chances in landing a good 5*. 

I also think that some teams are too quiet and should post in the forum more, or at the very least answer our feed comments about their teams. After all, how else can we make our league more fun if we don’t communicate?