Archers manager/owner, Jimbo, said to Archer Pride that the team is still on the lookout for good players to reinforce the first team but is quick to say that this is not a priority and says that the team will still be focused on the youth sector. The team is reportedly still on the lookout for replacements for aging players Vicente CasoLucio Prieto, and Lucio Sarmiento

“The team is not yet complete. We have lots of aging players in the team. The good thing is that we have lots of young players to fill in but they are not ready right now and we all know that this will take time. The young players know they have a chance to crack the first team if they work hard for it. We have a chance at a top 5 finish, we will see if we can get reinforcements to make it easier for us.” Jimbo told AP

The Archers are lining up Alfredo LagoFlorian Antonini, and León Rivas as possible replacements for the aging duo but fans seem concerned about their quality. Still supporters feel that the management is in the right track in rebuilding the team. Supporters union president, Arnold Martin expressed his delight at the team’s progress and overall improvement from last season. 

“The team is progressing well and is on the right track. We supporters wish the management well and hope that we continue to improve each season to reach international competition next season. Concerns about the team being old is not that important right now. We see that the team is addressing that by gathering the best possible local talent.” Martin said to AP

The team will be going against Blue Wave FC later this afternoon without defender Armando Caldera and midfielder José Enrique Vigil