This article that I chose to do is on discussing why it’s very difficult to create a very good team whatever your league is. Now most TM managers know that in creating a good team, you need good players in each and every position. But the key is collecting them and make sure that each of them is at their peak in terms of skills, age, and routine. That in itself is the most challenging part of being a TM manager. You will almost have to be lucky in youth drafting because of the 5 foreigner spot rule. If anything this ideal situation is almost impossible with the financial conditions, youth luck, and transfer list opportunities all need to be right. 

Unlike the real world, players in TM don’t look at teams’ prestige, higher wages, division, and chances at playing internationally. The players go where the highest bid submitted to their club is. It’s very frustrating for a top division club to lose a good player to a 4th division team with a losing record. It mostly does not make sense because it is a game. Game logic is very unique that way. Clubs in the 4th division can match a top division club financially which makes it all more difficult for many inexperienced managers.

Remember, these are not bots you are going against but live human beings wanting the same thing you want. A Championship. 

Real life also comes in the way of creating a good team. Like anything that needs planning if you don’t dedicate enough time it usually results in a rushed execution. In my opinion TM is a not so user friendly game if you want to succeed with little effort. If you’re looking for an easy game with a very gradual learning curve, then Trophy Manager is probably not the football manager game for you.