Coinciding with the drastic improvement of the Green Archers’ performance in season 38, team owner Jimbo told AP that the team is strong enough to challenge for a RoW Cup spot and also a slight chance at the RoW League next season. The Sudden surge was created by a few key additions to the team and slight changes in tactics. The team used to play just tree defenders at one point last season but was forced to change the tactic because of unfavorable results of which Jimbo was quick to acknowledge.

“We played poorly last season and it was mostly my fault. We should not have changed formations too drastically. It was a mistake and won’t happen again.”

“Archer fans can dream again. They are very loyal and very few leave each season. We are a family here in the Stadio L’Arciere. The players here know that they can grow and improve each season in hopes to play for the first team. We want to win but improving every season comes first.” the Archer boss added

The Archers currently sit 6th in the table with 14 games to play. They face league leaders Scape United on Sunday afternoon.