The Green Archers have recently signed 15-year-old defensive prodigy Tomás Matías. The teen defender hails from Kalibo Aklan and has signed for the UFL side. Team youth manager Alfredo Valera was very happy with his addition and says he will be very helpful to the team when the time arrives when he dons the green and black.

Tomás is a very versatile player who can play in the center and right flank. He says he can also play in the left flank but we have to evaluate him further. We welcome him with open arms and we will be working with him and improved his defensive skills” Alfredo told media

Tomás Matías was discovered when he attended a Verdeneri tryouts in his hometown and was highly touted to be a future starter. Still at a tender age, he will be trained well by the club’s coaches and will be evaluated by Jimbo himself. 

“I am glad to be part of the ‘Green and Black’. I have a chance to develop with other gifted children like me. It’s fun and at the same time I know I can contribute to the team when the time comes. ” the 15-year-old said

Matias will join César AgudoEnrique José LargoGaspar AlonsoCelestino Heredia, and Ismael Maroto as the Verdeneri’s “Green Wall” and will someday defend the goal in the senior team in which young attackers from other teams should fear when their time comes in the senior level.