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Archers manager/owner, Jimbo, said to Archer Pride that the team is still on the lookout for good players to reinforce the first team but is quick to say that this is not a priority and says that the team will still be focused on the youth sector. The team is reportedly still on the lookout for replacements for aging players Vicente CasoLucio Prieto, and Lucio Sarmiento

“The team is not yet complete. We have lots of aging players in the team. The good thing is that we have lots of young players to fill in but they are not ready right now and we all know that this will take time. The young players know they have a chance to crack the first team if they work hard for it. We have a chance at a top 5 finish, we will see if we can get reinforcements to make it easier for us.” Jimbo told AP

The Archers are lining up Alfredo LagoFlorian Antonini, and León Rivas as possible replacements for the aging duo but fans seem concerned about their quality. Still supporters feel that the management is in the right track in rebuilding the team. Supporters union president, Arnold Martin expressed his delight at the team’s progress and overall improvement from last season. 

“The team is progressing well and is on the right track. We supporters wish the management well and hope that we continue to improve each season to reach international competition next season. Concerns about the team being old is not that important right now. We see that the team is addressing that by gathering the best possible local talent.” Martin said to AP

The team will be going against Blue Wave FC later this afternoon without defender Armando Caldera and midfielder José Enrique Vigil

preview07f88a19c5a97da2882f33bef3ec7f78At 6 feet 9 inches, French forward Florian Antonini could easily be the tallest forward in the UFL today and is the tallest purchase of the Green Archers. The player is just starting to reach his full potential and could be a very good player for the Junior Archers. Froilan could feature in his first game on Wednesday for the young squad and is being tutored personally by former Archers captain and current youth manager, Alfredo Varela.

The Frenchman arrived Sunday evening and is excited to start training with his new squad. 

“I hope we can keep him. If turns out to be a great player, I think it is really possible that he could stay to start for the senior team. He is strong and quick, which is rare for young players.” Alfredo said

At only 50M, this could easily be a real bargain for the Verdeneri and Owner/Manager Jimbo is happy to bring the news to the fans. 

“I was not thinking that we could get him at that price. It’s a miracle if you ask me.” Jimbo told media 

Note: Froilan is just 22 years of age and is starting to bloom. Jimbo was already to pull out of the bid war but then the rival bidders stopped at the last moment. 


Rankings: My Favorite Anime

As you all know this site is called Archers and Anime. So far I have been posting stuff about my Trophy Manager team, The Green Archers, and I thought it would really suck if it didn’t have anything about anime. So I’ll post one right now and each month, maybe, I’ll try to post different topics about anime that I really love. Of course it depends on how busy I am in my studies, work, or just feel too lazy.

For starters, I would love to make a post about my top five favorite anime of all time. This one is very difficult for me since I have been watching anime for so long that it takes time to figure this out on my own. In addition each anime comes from a different time frame and thus I feel differently for each one as I grow older. An example was Fushigi Yuugi. When I was a kid I thought it rocked. Don’t get me wrong, it still is one of my favorite anime, but I look at it differently now that I’m a lot older with all the dudes and romance. I love romance animes too.  

So without further ado, here is my top 5 all time favorite anime. 

5. “Cedie: The Little Prince” (Cedie: Ang Munting Prinsipe)


Cedie the Little Prince. I forget what the dog’s name is. image C/O

I was introduced to anime at a very young age. Something about 8 years old or so. I was a sickly and thus I needed to be at home most of the time. The character of Cedie grew in me.

I’ll be honest I don’t recall much of the side stories but I do know the main parts of the story. The story was of a young boy, Cedie, who grew up in the United States and was brought to England by his super rich grandfather since he will be a future earl in Great Britain. His Grandfather is the Earl of Dorincourt (Super rich royal guy) but is a bit of a cold person. He intends to teach Cedie all about being royal and to become an aristocrat but was taught inadvertently by Cedie about love, compassion, and basically how to live a happy life close to people they love.

It’s a must see classic. I think most Filipinos in my age group will agree.         

4. Captain Tsubasa

Why not? I mean I am a football and anime fan. So Why not an anime about football!


Captain Tsubasa approves!

3. Hayao Miyazaki Movies


The Wind Rises

Alright it’s cheating and not really an anime series, but I just love how the movies he made were so real in terms of being relevant and teaching us lessons about life along the way. So far I have seen about three movies already and all of them are very well written and drawn. Each movie shows a heroine which shows that Miyazaki appreciates the strength of women and how they fit in our lives. 

2. “Fushigi Yuugi” (Curious Play)


Fushigi Yuugi one of the best romance anime around

If there aver is an anime where I felt really strongly attached about, it would be Fushigi Yuugi. The story is basically about a two young high school girls, Miyaka and Yui, who finds the “Book of the Four Gods” in their local library. The book magically sends them to the past where there are knights and kingdoms of ancient China. Miyaka gets transported to the “good” kingdom of Konan which is a very developed kingdom filled with thriving businesses. Yui was send to the “bad” kingdom of Kutou which looks like a terrible place to be in since it’s run by mean looking and corrupt people. They meet people with special powers who are protectors of each of their land. They clash with each other trying to find ways on how the girls can come back to their own world.

It’s an anime about romance, action, some comedy, and loads of drama and I mean a lot of drama.     

1. “Fairy Tail” 

This is my latest anime craze. Fairy Tail is an anime about a girl, Lucy Heartfilia, who joins Fairy Tail, a powerful guild of wizards. Fairy Tail takes on jobs to help various people with their needs. As the story goes along they fight various evil characters, groups, and even other guilds.

I follow the manga and I love the variety of the characters and how the animation was done. I’m very happy about the second season of the anime which was done after Hiro Mashima (the manga’s artist) asked for a break in the anime for the manga to catch up.

I must admit I am a big big supporter of the Natsu/Lucy love team (LaLu for short). They are just so perfect and a good anime deserves a great love team all the time. 


I’ll never get tired of NaLu! Fairy Tail!


So there you have it NaLu, err Fairy Tail, takes the number one spot in my list. Thank you for reading. 



Archers Manager/Owner Jimbo looking great as usual

Archers manager owner Jimbo stated that to win the league starts with quality locals. The team has currently undergone a new strategy that focuses on local player development.

“Powerful teams start with the locals. Right now teams think that being lucky is the only way to go when looking for quality local players but I think it is a wrong way of thinking. At the Stadio L’Arciere, we give them opportunities to shine and show their worth to the squad. If they don’t develop well, then that is the time we part ways” Jimbo told media

“I think it’s great that other teams are also attracting good local talent. Though sometimes they don’t have the patience to wait for most of them to develop. These kids need chances and we are giving them that chance.”

The Archers have an extensive scouting network which includes satellite offices in each region and 72 scouts working in different parts of the Philippines and the World.   

Archers manager Jimbo will look into a partnership with some foreign teams to help in bringing in quality youngsters into the club. The team will look to add to their attack next week as they will hold tryouts next Saturday in Iloilo. 


Archers legend and youth manager, Alfredo Varela, told media that the Archers are having one of their best stretches in recruiting since their earlier seasons.

“We already have found good players like César AgudoGaspar AlonsoEnrique José LargoIsmael Maroto, and Juan Mosquera. We plan to broaden our range of scouting in the country. We want to find the next heroes who will don the green and black.” the manager said

“Knowing that some other clubs have stepped up their recruitment, we have to step up our recruitment as well. Success is taken given. It’s really fun scouting and recruiting young individuals who have the desire to learn and compete.” he added

Manager Alfredo will meet with local school officials in Marikina and in Quezon City to try to broaden their youth program on Monday.     

Archers boss, again, voiced out his plans for the team and assured fans that they would be pushing for a top 5 finish this and in the coming seasons. The team management have been recently criticized to lack the effort in bringing in good proven talent to help out in a few positions. The team has been lacking the world class talent ever since Varela and Verhassel retired a few seasons ago. Now that the team has relied on the old guard of Edu IglesiasMarcos Bueno, and Lucio Sarmiento and many of the fans think that they are all past their prime and should be replaced soon. Though management have made certain improvements, many still think that the team does not have the financial capabilities to rival many other big clubs in signing great proven talent. 

Because of this, team manager Jimbo has devised a strategy both in spending and buying that give importance to youth rather than developed talent. The recent purchase of Gaspar Alonso and the development of other young players like Juan MosqueraCesar AgudoEnrique Largo, Celestino Heredia and Alfredo Guerrero shows the strategy already in action. Though the majority are defenders, Jimbo sees them as fundamental players for the team to build on. 

“These players are going to be starters in the team. It will take time for them to have an impact in the senior team, especially with lots of teams choosing to spend on developed players instead of developing their own players. It’s like a family here. The youngsters can grow with the senior players and are not afraid to make mistakes.” he told AP

“Many teams like Diliman Ultimate Organization, Blue Wave FClions of munich, and Scape United use a different style from ours. They win now and that is great for them. We do not have the same financial capacity like they do so we chose this strategy. It brings profit and at the same time we get younger. We have different styles that have their pros and cons. We just like this strategy better.” Jimbo added

The Archers supremo flies to Iloilo to attend a ground breaking ceremony for a new Archers youth facility and to scout young talent in the area. The facility will also serve as the team’s headquarters for scouting in the region.