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It is a truly pathetic performance by the Archers right now. I’m not sure how to describe it but I’m very sure that it’s one of the worst loses by the Archers to any UFL side in its history. The were down 0-5 before the 20th minute in greatly lopsided first half to Blue Wave FC. The teams were battling for the top 3 spot and an automatic qualification spot for next season RoW League.

Jimbo continued to lash on his team for a truly depressing performance in the first half.

“We played terribly. I’m not sure if our team has been replaced by zombies or chairs. A chair can defend better than these guys! The players never showed any heart in defending and they looked like headless chickens out there!” Jimbo lashed out at halftime

“I was wrong in thinking we had a chance at 3rd. This lot ended our chances before the half. It’s like we didn’t show up! We are now the laughing stock of the league.”

Archers manager/owner Jimbo told media that the team will most probably have to win its match against Blue Wave FC to get the third spot in the UFL to avoid a more difficult qualifying road to the RoW League group stage. The Archers are currently tied in points with Blue Wave with kloxz and Victorious Secret not too far behind.

“Securing third will be our goal right now. But it is proven that it will not be an easy task with our current level of talent. We are not as big as we used to be with some of our guys getting older. But with have an interesting mix of young and not so young players. We’ll see what happens.” Jimbo told media

“We are lucky to have an opportunity to reach the RoW League. We were close before but we were not so lucky. I hope our luck changes this term.”

The Archers have four matches remaining facing kloxz on Wednesday, FC EKARNA on Friday, facing Blue Wave on Sunday, and ending the season with Inter Ormoc Athletico on Wednesday next week.

Archers winger, José Enrique Vigil, was quick to point out after their defeat away to UFL newcomers, Local Brewery SC, that the team wasn’t their selves and looked tired for much of the contest. The established UFL side was stunned away from the Stadio suffering one of its most lopsided loss of the season, losing 3-0.

“It was a disappointing display for us. We played poorly and I apologize to the fans that we lost focus and steam in the game. We lost our mental edge and I think that is one that cost us the game.” The experienced winger told AP after the game

“We were not so clinical with our shots and much of them were wasted. It was a sad sight, I must admit. We were making the chances but we didn’t score. We were frustrated and it led to more misses. We must do better if we are to qualify for the Rest of the World Cup or League (RoW)” he added

The Archers face kloxz, next, who are experiencing their best seasons in the UFL so far placing fifth after 30 games. With only 4 league games to play, the Archers need to focus and play smart if they are to be successful in securing a RoW Spot this term.

Verdeneri captain, Sebastián Ocio, pointed out that the team’s renaissance in season 38 can be attributed to team work and harmony. The 27-year-old midfielder and Philippine international spoke to Archer Pride on how the club was able to turn around a dismal showing last season and be in contention for a top 3 spot this term.

“Coach Jimbo told us in the beginning of the season that the team is strong if we believe it to be. He shared stories about the Archer legends and how they never gave up even without any silverware. We are a proud club and we believe that we are in the right direction to get our first championship. We have to keep developing our youngsters and be brave. We play as a team.” the Archers captain told AP

“We have to keep sharing the ball and play as a team. We know we don’t have very potent scorers, unlike previous seasons. What we have done is make our passes more intelligent and precise. “

Ocio pulls the strings and anchors the defense in midfield. This makes things much easier on the other players.

The Archers are one of the hottest teams in the UFL at the moment winning their last 6 matches including 2 local cup matches. The team looks to add to their winning streak when they take on former UFL team, RP 5, in a local cup match later this afternoon.

Notes: The Archers have won 8 of its last 10 matches and have scored 42 goals while only conceding 7. Victories against lions of munich and Scape United highlight the team’s amazing run. A 4-2 loss to newly promoted side Real Madrid CR7 was a disappointing result for the club during the same 10 match stretch.

Hey there anime guys and gals! Well here is some music to help us relax the Sunday away.

I chose these two music pieces since I think they are similar sounding. Well to me at least. “Melodies of Life” is one my favorite Final Fantasy songs of all time. I have it in my music playlist and listen to it from time to time.

“Perhaps Love” is very meaningful especially when sung by the legendary John Denver. Both of them are love songs and very good ones, too. I just listened to it when I overheard my dad’s Sunday radio station. I remembered it so I decided to put it here.

So I hope you enjoy these two songs. Don’t forget you can follow this blog on twitter at @archersandanime

Cheers everyone and happy Sunday!


The Green Archers have again bolstered their youth squad with the additions of 16-year-olds Agustín Escudero and Martín Benítez. Escudero is a a native of Bacolod while Benitez hails from Makati City.

Agustin will quickly join the team for training starting Monday next week and will be given a chance to don the Green and Black once he completes his medical. Martin is set to join a team already loaded with defensive talents. He will be given a chance to play in the team’s left flank which is his natural position.

Archer youth standout, César Agudo, finally had his chance to start for the senior team last Thursday in a league match against Local Brewery SC. “The Power” as he is called for his physical strength and tall and bulky build had a rating of 6 which impressed both youth team manager Alfredo Varela and team owner and senior team manager Jimbo.

“Cesar is playing beyond his years. I liked how he looked calm in the match and took care of every attack that came his way. He always finds a way to improve his game. With a guy that tall coming at you, I can’t blame some players not wanting to take him head on.” Varela said

“His time will come. I hope he won’t grow impatient and rush things. He must take all the advice the senior team is giving him. He loves the team which helps a lot in his development.”

In other news, long time youth scout Jon Fernandez celebrates his 73rd birthday today. Happy birthday sir! We wish you more scouting days to come.


After years and years of playing football manager games, I stumbled upon Trophy Manager, an online football manager simulation game which lets you control a lot of your very own fictional team’s inner workings. The game has lots of upsides but there are also some areas that have room for further development.

Trophy Manager has been a staple in my daily routine that it’s tough to not visit it everyday. It’s tough not having internet sometimes, especially when I’m off at provincial trips and the occasional internet interruptions. I’ll try to enumerate some of the things that have me hooked in this online game and hope that I can convince the dear readers to love it as well.

The Game

Well it goes without saying that if you love football then you’ll love this game. Matches are run three times a week (Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday). You get to view the game real time (see the pic below) and at the same time chat with all your buddies in the same country as yours. The matches last the full 90 minutes with extra time. You’ll find yourself engaged in the game from elation of your team’s first goal up to despair when you’re team’s being beat by three goals.


I have to warn potential players that the game has a pretty steep learning curve and it’s pretty difficult to win at first. Similar to real life football, teams that start in the bottom (new teams) will have a tough time defeating the league giants composed of experienced and established managers. The game is not ruthless, though, that new teams cannot win games and work themselves to the top. In time the new teams can get the hang of how the game works and new teams can have chances in promotion.

The Philippine community is a very tight knit bunch of managers who know their football and are like family, if anything else. Some managers are not form the Philippines, as foreigners may choose to play in the countries of their choice. A player is only allowed one team which is challenging in the sense that a player has only one crack at bringing success to his team and at the same time forges love with that team he created. It can be frustrating and at the same time, rewarding in the long run.

The Community

Managers in the game are people too. At times the managers in the game are like family to the newcomers. But be warned, some managers are not too friendly as well. I think it reflects what is really happening in real life as well. There are forums where people can post their questions about the game, life sentiments, and off topic stuff. Politics and religion is kept off the forums as it can lead to serious effects if not kept in check plus they are pretty sensitive topics so it’s decided to never post about them.

There are teamsters who serve as prefects who man the forums and catch cheaters in their free time. Forum Teamsters (FT) man the forums, Language Teamsters (LT) translate the game into different languages, Development Teamsters (DT) collect valid points from other managers that can be used to further improve the game, Game Teamsters (GT) patrol the game searching for cheaters and give out warnings, or dish out fines, or if worse comes to worst, removes them from the game. Master Teamsters (MT) are the owners of the game or are people helping with the inner workings of the game. Joining the Teamster team in 2013 gave me a big responsibility to protecting the game that I love (TM and football) and at the same time trying to make things fun for people around me. Hence I created this blog.

There is almost no limit at to who you may meet in the game. You’ll never know, maybe a pro footballer may be one of the managers and no one knows.

Developing Players

This is possibly the part of the game that could either bring a player much fun or much frustration. In the game, you get the chance of creating the next best football super star even though you are at the bottom of the league or in low divisions. This comes in the form of 15-20 year old players who you may draft on Saturdays. It’s purely random though. This is to be fair to all teams and also look unfair at the same time if your luck is that bad. But if you’re not lucky in the draft, you can always try buying players in the communal transfer list. In the transfer list you can always find good players if you have the right scouts for the job. Scouting can be a very tricky thing to master in the game. Many players get frustrated when their scouts are wrong after investing on a player. But then, it’s all part of the game. It makes you think.

Telling whether your player will become the next Messi or a big flop depends on the player’s potential which is also determined by the scout. Scouting is really important in the game which could be the difference in the long run.

On Tuesdays the training update is run. Players gain or lose skills on this day which depends on the players’ age, potential, training program, and training facilities. There are lots more to consider in developing players and it’s best to play the game to find out more. I must say I’m far from being an expert in training players but it sure is fun seeing their skills rise from being a teenager to an adult playing in the senior team. It’s like a parent seeing his/her child grow. It’s a great feeling.

Once a player is developed you can either sell the player for profit, or you can keep him in your team as a backup or a starter. Whichever you choose. Many players buy young players, train them well, and sell them. We call this trading. Good managers are often separated from mediocre ones by the way they trade players. Money is a huge factor in the success of a club. Similar to real life football, a club with little funds cannot buy the best players available.

The picture bellow shows the training page of my senior team. The color red means a skill has decreased and a bright green color means a skill has been improved.

Senior team training



1. The community in the game is very friendly and may seem like family to Filipinos

2. The game is technical but learning the game does not take too long and not too punishing to newbies.

3. The game is not that time consuming once you get the hang of how things work.

4. Getting rich via trading. 

5. It’s football baby!


1. The pace can be a bit slow for players looking for action.

2. The graphics can look pretty bad for most players used to high end video games.

3. The game has a pretty steep learning curve. I’m still learning new things about the game and I’ve been playing it for 7 years already!

There it is my reasons why Trophy Manager is one of the best, if not the best online football manger game out there. So if you don’t have the time or technical know how to be a real life football manager like Jose Mourinho or Luis Van Gaal then this game is for you.


Manager of the Green Archers (TM)


Miguel Marzo

Miguel Marzo

One time Archer captain, Miguel Marzo, is introduced as the newest assistant coach of the team’s youth system. The 35-year-old was approached by team owner, Jimbo, and immediately accepted the role. The player has played 619 games in total for the Verdeneri. According to fans, he is said to be the best player to not ever play for the national team. At 35 years of age he is among the oldest in team history to start a game. He has appeared in 14 matches this term and still going strong. 

“He is our father figure on and off the pitch. He teaches us how to work hard during training and think smart during matches. I am happy that he will stay in the Stadio L’Arcier and train the new breed star players for us.” midfielder José Enrique Vigil told AP

Marzo rose from the youth ranks and intends on playing out his career with the Archers. 

“I would not trade this experience for anything. I hope our efforts in attracting great young talent will bare fruit. I accept this wonderful opportunity. It’s not something that comes often. I already started getting to know some of the youth players. This will be my new challenge.” Miguel said 

“I promise the fans that I will never leave the club. My heart stays here.”

Miguel will start after the end of the season 38 and will be reunited with old Archer team mate, Alfredo Varela, who is currently managing the youth team. 




I’m a strong believer that a lot about the world is wrong. If it is all good and rosy, I would not have to write stuff about them. Many of them are caused by uneducated drivers who magically get granted drivers’ licenses by the LTO. Also, many public officials don’t appreciate the need for following a land use plan. Just take a look at the unfinished eyesore visible behind Rizal’s monument. It’s a disgrace.

I’ll try to rank my most hated happenings, manners, or mistakes. There are so many and I can add things here every single day but then this article will be too long for to make interesting reading. Here are my top things I hate most about time on the road.

Cutting cars

Cutting cars to get in line to pass an flyover. Man, How many curse words have I flung to offensive motorists (all in my head of course) who cut or try to cut me on times that I almost make it to the safety of the flyover railings. Since my first encounter of this kind of motorist, I’ve accepted that many more drivers like these exist out there. It may be because of rushing, or trying to copy others also doing it. Also I feel more forgiving and even more generous in letting cars pass me if they simply turn on their signal lights. 

Another thing that I hate is a cutting car that has no signal light on and looks really aggressive. Sometimes I feel the urge to slam my car to an aggressive cutting car. But then again, I think that it’s not wroth risking my life in exchange for a gash or a dent on the piece of trash’s soap box. But seriously, slamming on his car would make a really cool movie style chase scene.

Oh and by the way, this also applies to motor bikes, too.

Not signalling to turn

This is kind of offensive driving is very dangerous especially if road visibility is poor and(or) driving at high speeds. I turn my signal on even though I know there is no one immediately behind me. this kind of safety precaution is very useful if some mad driver comes from another lane who plans to move to my current lane. Signals were made to make driving safer when other drivers see them. It would be pointless to switch them on when their car crashes to another car who did not know they were making a move.

Stopping suddenly without switching on the car’s hazard lights

This is a common Filipino driving error that has to stop. While driving it’s very annoying to see the car in front of you come to a crawl, stops, and then switches on his/her hazard lights. I mean, you should switch it on before you come to a crawl to alert me that something is wrong and you need to stop. Plus, PLEASE do it on the side of the road and not in the middle of the street where I could hit you IF I’m distracted!


Crossing the road can be an easy task. You just find yourself a pedestrian crossing (a “zebra” if you will) or an overpass. If there are no overpasses or crossings nearby, then you can take a look both ways down the road to check is cars are passing and can’t stop if you decide to risk your life and cross. I am a pedestrian myself an I can’t figure out why other people can’t find the discipline or the mental fortitude enough to do a safe passage. Many of these people are lazy. I know I should not be saying this but if I see accidents on the television pertaining pedestrians not crossing the right way, I always feel that it will happen and am not surprised one bit.

If those people don’t want to live anymore, FINE. Just leave me and my family members out of your miserable existence. Moving on…

Parked Cars in the side of public roads 

I know public roads are, well, public but that does not give an excuse for roadside restaurants to let their customers park on the side of the road and make the roads more constricted than usual. The parked roads are a hazard to oncoming traffic but also makes it a sore to look at. I mean if you are a really great business establishment, then why have you guys seem to have forgotten to build bigger parking spaces? GENIUS MUCH?

And yes, I am looking at you Banapple and Conti’s! (Katipunan) Shame on you all! Does it look pretty to you guys thinking to yourselves that just because the cars in your 4-car parking spaces are overflowing that business is good?! Well wouldn’t it mean that your business is thriving if you can make a parking basement or move to a more spacious location? Whatever and I’m not a fan of your food anyway.

Cops/MMDA/Planners/Officials who have no clue on how to solve traffic problems

You know what people? Most problems start small, then if left unsolved, they grow and grow and grow some more. If problems are left unsolved after X years, then the result is Metro Manila traffic and poorly planned cities.

I’ll start off by criticizing our cops, the Philippines’ finest (no shows). Its pretty simple, if cops start to catch traffic violators with much consistency, precision, and conviction then undisciplined drivers will sharply drop. But knowing our police force is terribly undermanned. Our current police to population ratio is one police officer for every one thousand citizens. Now that is huge! Police visibility is low, thus crimes of all sorts increase during the night as well. I definitely find the stick better than a carrot in this case.

I am not so sure about what the MMDA’s jurisdiction is and what are their duties and responsibilities are. Maybe they can catch traffic violators, but I’m not so sure what kind of punishment they can do. In any case, similar to the police, once they start to tighten up in catching traffic violators then the country’s streets will be a safer place to drive on.

Planners and officials must work hand in hand but that is not the case in our beloved country. Metro Manila is deemed a planner’s worst nightmare for several reasons. First, the space is very limited so any drastic changes to its land use or building major infrastructures will most probably involve demolishing existing buildings. If not space then the problem would be political in nature. Many cities have their own agenda on how projects will benefit their city, barangay, or town. It’s rare to see officials think about the bigger picture and how a big project can be beneficial to multiple cities, barangays, or towns.

I’m starting to think that the Government does not listen to planners. I guess they only do what’s best for business and grant huge malls, business districts, and tall condo units to rise in the middle of already congested Metro Manila. All development is concentrated here in Metro Manila and there are little efforts of decongesting it.

As I see things, our traffic problem has become a trap where there is little we can do at the moment without the cooperation of the citizens. The trap starts when the DPWH has completely forgotten how to project population levels and growth. They are completely off when deciding how wide a road shall be and how many cars will use them. Next, I think that the country has too many cars, you guys think that country’s economy is good when we have more cars in our roads. We are on the right track if we have the roads for it, if not then it  becomes a nightmare. It’s very easy to get cars here, whatever your budget is. This problem of rapid increase in number of cars is coupled by the slow or minimal efforts of phasing out old cars to make way for the newer models. This is the middle portion of the trap. Then next portion of the trap is bad public transportation. Bad trains, inefficient jeepneys are at the cornerstone of Philippine commuting. This coupled with roads that are not wide enough makes terrible commuting experiences for everyone. The most bothering thing is that many of our commuters have already accepted is as a way of life and expect nothing to be done about it. In fact many of the drivers, pedestrians, and officials accept it to be a part of our daily lives. Most probably because it is deemed and unsolvable problem, if not something almost impossible to fix.

In summary the trap goes like this: bad roads –> too many cars –> bad public transportation –> accept as part of our daily lives 

This becomes a trap when people start to think that there is not solution without sacrificing anything. Car owners will not phase out their old cars in exchange for a less congested road. Commuters will not pay more for trains in exchange for better rail cars and transport system in general. Officials thinking that nothing is wrong since traffic jams also occur in developed countries which is, in honesty, it does but it’s different if you have a very reliable public transport system to fall on.

With our lack of planning from the beginning our our government we already doomed our economy to smoothly grow and provide more opportunities for our countrymen. Yes our economy is growing but at what cost? Time with our families while commuting from work? Risking more traffic related accidents everyday? Risking more corruption among officials who generate more savings even if there are much to improve about our roads and other infrastructure? 

The list goes on and on.


Well there you have it. It’s a pretty bad state we are in, especially when I effectively signed up to be an aspiring urban planner. It’s really tough, especially when no body listens to anything you will say or only listen to selected things you suggest. Sometimes you can’t fight culture and I think that’s what is in play here. It’s already in our blood which makes us strong as a people, but at the same time has caused us much hardship just to attend work and school or going home.

Don’t get me wrong, I want commuters in the Philippines to experience a pleasurable commuting experience and to let them explore different modes of transportation without risking their lives or their week’s budget. Being able to commute is fun, it really is, but it’s not in this country. I hope see the day where our mass transit systems are good and reliable. Being efficient is key to the country’s further development. It’s really simple if only we planned to begin with.

These are simply some of my thoughts about the bad traffic conditions in our country and some things to ponder on the next time you ride a jeep or go behind the wheel. Peace!


Just in case you guys are wondering what’s it like in the green and black side of the fence. Here is a peek at what’s going on on Tuesdays in the Stadio L’Arciere. 

The senior team:

The reserves:


pics c/o Jimbo