It is a truly pathetic performance by the Archers right now. I’m not sure how to describe it but I’m very sure that it’s one of the worst loses by the Archers to any UFL side in its history. The were down 0-5 before the 20th minute in greatly lopsided first half to Blue Wave FC. The teams were battling for the top 3 spot and an automatic qualification spot for next season RoW League.

Jimbo continued to lash on his team for a truly depressing performance in the first half.

“We played terribly. I’m not sure if our team has been replaced by zombies or chairs. A chair can defend better than these guys! The players never showed any heart in defending and they looked like headless chickens out there!” Jimbo lashed out at halftime

“I was wrong in thinking we had a chance at 3rd. This lot ended our chances before the half. It’s like we didn’t show up! We are now the laughing stock of the league.”