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Anime time!

So I have these in my hard drive and plan to watch them later.

Rail Wars

Rail Wars

It’s about trains and a bit of fan service for the non-train enthusiasts out there. I bet there are a lot of people watch this for the “moe” and romance. I fancy a bit of a harem from time to time and this will be enough to get me my harem fix for the year.  I have scanned though the series a bit and I have mixed feelings so far about this. Yes the characters are wonderfully drawn but I’m not so sure about the story though. Maybe it’s too shallow for me but then again, it’s only 12 episodes long anyway. The drama is not heavy, if there are any.

Anyway, I’ll just have to find out for myself.

Amagi Brilliant Park 

Another anime to quench my harem comedy romance thirst. I heard it’s about a genius male protagonist trying to save an old theme park from running bankrupt and going out of business. Anyway, it’s produced by Kyoto Animation (KyoAni), the same guys behind K-On!, Hyouka, and Free!

I love KyoAni, but ever since K-On! and Hyouka, I’ve never been really into any anime they produced. Right now I’d love this to be that one anime that can bring me back into getting interested in KyoAni again.

That’s it for now. I’m starting to get busy with my thesis for my master course and with work of course.

See you guys next time!


The Philippine Eagle

The Philippine Eagle

Former Archers captain and club legend Alfredo Varela spoke to media about his club’s current struggles to get consistent results. The Archers won 4 games this season and lost 3 and in danger of losing its 4th facing lions of munich on Friday. The current Verdeneri youth manager insists that the club is not panicking and says the season is long and there is still a lot of unexpected results that may come.

“I have spoken to a lot of our players in the starting 11. They think changing playing styles are starting to take its toll on their performances. Injuries and suspensions to some key players are also preventing our team to play well each game. We have a great squad if only we are all able to play.” Varela explained to media

“We are not in a crisis but we are aware that we must produce results as soon as possible. But I will say this to the fans. We will get stronger soon with the rapid development of our youngsters. We already have two players who have featured in a UFL match.”

The Archers currently sit 9th and will face an uphill battle against the vastly improved and top club lions of munich.



Former Archers captain and club legend, Alfredo Varela

With the Archers’ fantastic start to its season and a recent win against perennial UFL powerhouse Blue Wave FC, can the Archers finally call itself a Philippine super power in football? Team owner and manager Jimbo certainly thinks so. In his recent press conference after the match, Jimbo spoke about his current squad and how different it was when the team spent buckets on big time players.

“What’s different with this squad from past seasons is that we are relying more on skill this time instead of splashing the cash on a few players who can do everything. Specialization is key.” Jimbo told media Friday after the game

“Are we a powerhouse? I think we are strong, so yes I think you can say that. But we are long ways from the teams of the past. We were a lot stronger 10 seasons ago. But then again, all the other teams were stronger 10 seasons ago too. We are not as rich as before and we need to be wiser in spending. Hence our current resurgence in our youth ranks. I like the direction of our club and its players.” the big boss added

The Archers go against Dumaguete Dynamos on Sunday afternoon.

Notes: Iranian newcomer Shahin Afand scored 2 goals in the match and 4 out of his last four matches for the Verdeneri. José Enrique Vigil was not available for the match due to suspension.


I don’t feel like writing anything this week but I do have a few “chibi” pics of the anime Fairy Tail.


Thanks to tigereyestitania via

from GoldenDragonSlayer via deviantart

A little of Edolas FT from Cahyahedya via deviantart.

And lastly, the chibi Natsu army from


The Archers are off to a great start with a 3-0 record and conceding only one goal so far while scoring seven. The Archers may have lost key players due to transfers but have found ways to improve their performances through a formation change and addition of more efficient players like forward Shahin Afand and defensive phenom Gaspar ‘The Shadow’ Alonso.

“I love our start. But if history is going to tell us anything is that good starts doesn’t mean anything unless you can keep it up for most of the season. But we’re lucky sometimes” Jimbo told AP

“It’s only going to get more difficult. We have to juggle players depending on injuries, suspensions, and international tournaments. We are elated that we were able to qualify for international tournaments again. The monetary benefits will be useful to our continued resurgence in the UFL.”

The Green Archers are sitting 2nd behind tiNabaL RepubLic in the UFL standings after 3 matches. The Verdeneri have beaten last season’s champs, Scape United, 0-3. The team goes against kloxz on Wednesday in what would be an entertaining match.