The Philippine Eagle

The Philippine Eagle

Former Archers captain and club legend Alfredo Varela spoke to media about his club’s current struggles to get consistent results. The Archers won 4 games this season and lost 3 and in danger of losing its 4th facing lions of munich on Friday. The current Verdeneri youth manager insists that the club is not panicking and says the season is long and there is still a lot of unexpected results that may come.

“I have spoken to a lot of our players in the starting 11. They think changing playing styles are starting to take its toll on their performances. Injuries and suspensions to some key players are also preventing our team to play well each game. We have a great squad if only we are all able to play.” Varela explained to media

“We are not in a crisis but we are aware that we must produce results as soon as possible. But I will say this to the fans. We will get stronger soon with the rapid development of our youngsters. We already have two players who have featured in a UFL match.”

The Archers currently sit 9th and will face an uphill battle against the vastly improved and top club lions of munich.



Former Archers captain and club legend, Alfredo Varela