Injured Archers Captain Sebastián Ocio shed tears of joy and let out a primal scream as he lifted the Philippine Cup above his head after his team’s masterclass performance at the Stadio L’Arciere Thursday afternoon. The Archers won against local upcoming team FC EKARNA, 7-3, in what would be a wonderful ending for what would have been a normal season for the Verdeneri.

Englishman, Gareth Ross, scored a hat-trick while crafty veteran Lucio Prieto added a brace. Home fans thought the score would hold to 2-1 up to the break but then Jesús Ángel Díaz scored an equalizer at the 31st minute. The home support erupted again, though, after Iranian Shahin Afand scored for the home side to take the lead 8 minutes after. EKARNA’s new signing, Dags Stepanovs, was able to get a consolation goal in the 89th minute.

This cup is the first in club history and the first major trophy the club has had in its entire existence.

“The club, the team, and the fans all deserve this moment!” Archers boss owner, Jimbo, told media right after the match.

“At times we thought we were lucky and the result could have been different in another day. But today I am proud of my boys and what we have achieved this day. We have come out empty handed too many times and to be finally standing on top of the podium feels like a blessing from God. I thank God, the players, and the fans who have supported us through thick and thin.”

When asked whether the club would undergo some changes in the coming season his simple reply was “I see we changing a few players in some positions. The rest of the team, I am happy with.”