Archers boss, Jimbo, isn’t particularly happy about the inconsistency his team has been playing the past few games and is now looking to shake things up a bit after the current season. The Archers lost three in a row and are now sitting at the fifth spot after 15 matches.

“We have been playing our best football in the first 12 matches and then we lost focus and grunt to win games. It’s frustrating as a manager and a team owner. You hear the boos and chants of the fans and they feel the same we do. It makes me want to do something but you know you have a long term plan.” the Archers owner told media

“It’s not something to rush into. So I’ll see what transpires after this season and then I’ll make my decision. Many things can happen and affect the standings.”

The Archers have been using a 3-2-3-2 formation for about two seasons prior to season 40.