Fresh from the Green Archers’ second straight cup title at the expense of the Philippine powerhouse, Blue Wave FC, Archers Co-captain Edu Iglesias voiced out his frustrations on not being able to take the league trophy home to the Stadio L’Arciere and to its loyal fans. The Archers were leading by a point in the group table when they lost to up and coming local team FC EKARNA and with it the title. Blue Wave won its last game against underachieving side Sticky Feet Alliance 2-0 and the league title.

Though the Archers won its second league cup in a row the veteran defender could only shed tears of sadness that he was not able to bring the title home to Marikina and thought he could have done more in their loss to EKARNA.

“It’s always going to be in the back of the minds of the players and fans. We were so close and yet we broke down under the pressure. It’s not a good feeling. Sometimes I think about it before I go to sleep. Now that I am retiring and played my last game of my career, it’s going to stay with me as a chance that we didn’t take.” said the experienced defender.

The same feeling is shared by all players and even team owner, Jimbo, while having its best run of form was still not able to pry away the title from the Blue league powerhouse. The team won 18 straight matches at one point but was still not enough.

“It’s sad not to win the title. We were so close and yet one bad result could spell the end of the chase.” Jimbo told media

“We have to start the next season really well to have a chance to win it all. We are hoping that we can build on our current squad for next season. Edu is retiring and we are looking for replacements. It will not be easy replacing Edu. He is a very good player but we have to move forward”