With a 1-2 home loss to league underdog Azkals.com the Archers have now lost two of its first five matches of the season and now are behind 6 massive points behind league champions and title favorites, Blue Wave FC. Home fans were clearly disappointed with the result with the team seemingly unable to crack the Azkals defense who looked very inspired from the start.

“I’m very disappointed with our game a while ago. We looked like the underdogs to be honest.” Archers manager/owner Jimbo told AP

“I’m at a loss right now. With one less competitive team (Scape United) it’s only going to get tougher from here to get to the top spot. It means you will basically need to beat teams which you’re supposed to be beating. This is one of them and we failed ultimately. I’m frustrated because I know the top teams don’t make mistakes like this one. They only make about one or two but we’ve had two bad games already this early in the season. It’s a disgrace!” Jimbo added

The team will take on Local Brewery SC this Sunday in a must win match for the Verdeneri.