The Archers are looking to bolster their squad for the upcoming UFL season. Last term they finished 3rd and were able to secure a RoW League group stage qualification. The Verdeneri are looking into brining in another midfielder or another forward to replace certain veterans in the squad.

Archers boss, Jimbo, told AP that they are not in a hurry to bring in a player and will choose to think carefully who they will bring in.

“It’s not that easy. Unlike past seasons where we need immediate help with a certain position, this season we have cover for any given position. This is good and we will check out the TL (trasfer list) from time to time. We’ll be smart in looking for players.” the Archers owner said

“We are looking to replicate our success in the Philippine Cup last season. I wish to do well in the RoW League as well. But our priority would be to bring in the right player or players. We got some good talent from the youth program who are ready anytime if needed.”

Note: The Verdeneri are winners of the local cup for the past three seasons and will be looking to win it again this season.