Archers boss/owner, Jimbo, told media this morning that the UFL’s “Big Three” are still ahead from the rest of the league in terms of quality and stability. The So called “Big Three” which are Blue Wave FC, lions of munich, and Green Archers are currently 1,2, and 3 respectively in the Season 42 United Football League Table. The Archers are currently six points ahead of 4th place kloxz.

“It will take real effort for the bottom clubs to attract local talent and make enough money to attract foreign ones. As of now, it’s not happening for at least five to eight clubs in the league. I’d love to have a competitive league which in turn can make things fun and improve the quality of football in the country. Right now I think my team, lions, and Blue Wave are going to fight over the top three spots this season.” The Archers owner said.

“Right now, I don’t see anyone stopping Blue Wave. They are playing on a different level and they have a good mix of young and veteran players. That is a level we want to aim for and we hope to get younger players in the coming seasons. But as we all notice getting younger quality players can be very expensive so we have to be smart about things.”

“The win against lions? That is over. We did very well and I’m proud of my players. They were really pushed to their limits and we also had key players out. It was a game to remember but we have many more games to play. We must regain our focus.”

The Archers face Syrian giants, juve_ahmed_zidan, in a RoW League match tomorrow afternoon at the Stadio L’Arciere before facing old rivals Sandigan on Sunday.