Archers manager/owner Jimbo told Archer Pride that he was neither disappointed nor happy about the outcome of the season as he thinks that the team could have deserved more success. The team “threw away” possibly 6 points which could have seen them challenge for a UFL trophy this season and possibly win a 4th successive Philippine Cup towards the end of the UFL calendar.

“The players and I share the same sentiments about our season. It was not that bad but also not that good. We had such a great start but we achieved nothing in the end.” the Verdeneri chief told media

“We now have to think of next season and we’re thinking we’ll not be as strong as in past seasons. A lot of my players are getting one year older and we’re not as strong physically in the coming season. I hope we get some reinforcements from our youth academy and build on them for seasons to come.”

The Archers ended their campaign 3rd in the UFL while finishing runners up to eventual UFL champions  lions of munich in the Philippine league cup.