Last season was a disappointing one both from the players’ perspective and the fans of the Archers. While they were still able to reach the RoW League group stage this season, fans still dream of what would have been and what could be in their beloved club’s trophy cabinet. Still, things look pretty optimistic in the Verdeneri camp as they continue to believe that one day their club’s fortunes will turn and become champions of the Philippines.

   The team’s youth class has been in a resurgence as of late and has been the talk of the city of Marikina. Former youth players like the towering César Agudo, the tireless Gaspar Alonso, and the returning Chus Calvillo have all made their way to the first team and they will not be the last.

“Some of our players do come from different youth systems. But it is our job to find them and bring them here. Youth is an important part of the game we play here and also a big help to our national team.” Archers boss told media

   Alfredo Almansa (YOLO! FC) and Gaspar Alonso (Muntinlupa City F.C.) both came from different clubs and we were lucky to get them. We are also happy to have Tomás Matías and Martín Benítez who are both very good young defenders. They are developing very well and we hope to see them in the first team soon. Chito Aguilera is a genius in midfield but he is still very raw and needs mentoring from our senior players. José María Carvajal and Samuel Vela are very talented attackers. We’re very lucky to have them.

   We have very high hopes for Vela. He can start for most lower league sides. He’s a natural finisher and a developed body. He will be one of the leaders of the club. For his age, he plays a mature game, way ahead of his peers.

The Archers sit 6th in the UFL after 12 matches and face a dangerous Dumaguete Dynamos side who are looking for an upset today.