Archers’ boss, Jimbo, publicly apologized to the fans of the team after their dismal string of performances and even losing to lower strength teams. After their lackluster defeat to the hands of UFL giants,  lions of munich, the Verdeneri find themselves at 29 points the fewest output of any Archer side in the last five seasons after 18 matches.

“We’ve had some pretty bad losses. Some to good teams and some to teams we should really be beating. I’m not sure what’s happening to the players, but we must find a way to put in a good string of performances.” The Archers manager/owner said to media Monday morning.

“It’s almost like I’m wasting money .” He added

   He is referring to the addition of world class players like Serbian national Tugomir Plavša and Malaysian national team member Azlan Hashim. The Archers’ boss spent over a billion to acquire their services. But with a string of bad performances, their value is still yet to be seen.