Verdeneri boss, Jimbo, told Archer pride Friday evening that though his team has performed poorly in the past weeks, he is still glad to have deep roster when it comes to defense.

“We have many diferent players who can cover different positions in defense. I can also choose to play 3 or 4 in defense. Though our aging midfield is not as strong as I like to play only a 3-man defense.” The club owner said

“It’s a pain to have so many choices. But with all the suspensions and injuries we had this season, I’m glad to have this kind of depth.” he added

The club has the services of Philippine International Gaspar Alonso, towering defender Cesar Agudo, versatile defender Chus Calvillo, elder statesman Gonzalo Saavedra, and upcoming defenders like Alfredo Almansa and Francisco Javier Paredes.

Trouble seems to be on both defense and offense as the team scored only 40 goals and conceded 30 already in 20 matches. Last season they were able to score 88 goals and concede only 30 goals in the entirety of the 43rd season.

“We’re trying to figure out what’s wrong. What’s going on is a mystery to me. We’re bad defensively but we have strong caliber defenders, so I don’t know. It could be a mental thing.” Archers captain, Sebastian Ocio, told the media

The Verdeneri will host Real Madrid CR7 on Sunday afternoon and will hope to string a few good wins for the home fans.