Archers wonderkid, Samuel Vela, called for his teammates’ to grab a top 5 finish to end the season. The Archers are currently sitting in 5th place after a convincing win to newly promoted UFL side, LEGO-DANMARK, 5-1 at the Stadio L’Arciere.

“We pretty much have top 5 in our sights last week. We must keep fighting for a RoW qualification spot. Not having any piece of international competitions next season will be a failure in our part.” The 22-year-old told Archer Pride.

He went on to add that he is expecting great things for next season and is very excited for the prospects of the club.

“Marring some departures to our key players, we’ll have a pretty strong team next season. Some of us may be young but I’m sure we can fight for another top 5 run. We’re confident and we trust our manager.”

   The season has been pretty much up and down for the Verdeneri and their supporters would love to retain their current rank if not climb higher up the standings. Age has been a constant foe for the team this season as Archer talisman, Sebastián Ocio, and experienced winger  José Enrique Vigil are both in their mid 30’s with Ocio due to retire at the end of the season. The team are still looking for possible replacements for the duo.