“We have done it!” A teary eyed, Vigil, told reporters as the Verdeneri captured their first ever Unite Football League Title. The veteran captain told media that he is filled with different emotions and will savor the moment for a long time. He is quick to acknowledge the team and their effort to bring home the trophy to the Stadio L’Arciere.

“Everyone did their part. From the choaching staff, the players, the physios, the fans, and our owner, we could not have done it without them.” the 35 year old captain told the media

“We started the season well. We were unsure at first as we were playing with a new philosophy and formation. We rode the wave, so to speak. We stumbled a little with injuries and suspensions but we were lucky with both our results and our rivals'” He added

  The Archers started the sason winning nine of their first ten matches. The momentum seemed to bring life into the players and believeing they can win every match. The players started believing that they have a special season in their hands, and so did the fans. Chants started to get louder and more emotion was shown in every passing game. Win or lose, the fans came in the thousands.

“It was unbelieveable. Even the regular fans started to chant with the ultras. Young and old. It was a sight to behold and sent chills though my body. We wanted to win every game for them.” Archers owner Jimbo revealed

“I told the guys (players) at the start of the season we would play an attacking kind of game. They were unsure at first as we had a very young back line. But then they all agreed to the philosophy. They’re a tight-knit bunch and helped one another throughout the season. It was special.” Jimbo added

The Archers turn their attaention to the League Cup and face local rivals lions of munich later this afternoon. If they win, the Archers will have their very first double.