As Archers captain Alfredo Almansa raised the UFL trophy above his head and team supporters roared into chants of celebration, Archers boss Jimbo recalled past failed teams and how these three seasons have been a revelation to him and to their fans.

  The team have won two titles in three seasons and won the Philippine cup in the one season that they didn’t finish top of the league. Players like Azlan Hashim and Zafer Akin have been instrumental in their amazing resurgence into the top of the big league in the country.

“Players like them don’t come to teams like ours very often.” Jimbo told media.

“We believed in our strategy and how we plan to go about our season and the team was rewarded. We had a poor finish last season but we got the local cup which is no lesser feat. We all did our part, the defense and offense were amazing all season.”

  The team lead the league in fewest goals conceded and the most scored which was the first in club history. Local defenders Cesar Agudo, Tomas Matias, Fancisco Paredes, and Gaspar Alonso helped the team keep out goals which is crucial in a team that focuses on attack.

“We try to attack as much as possible. But that would be useless if the opponent scores more. So we try to pack the middle as much as possible but also create from defense which worked well for us.” Jimbo added

The Archers, however, were unable to win this season’s Philippine cup as local powerhouse FC Ekarna went out winners. Still, the Archers owner remains optimistic about the future.

“We’ll keep doing what we’re doing until I see fit. We have some young talent in our squad with (Jose Maria)Carvajal and (Samuel)Vela being in their early twenties and I can see them shine brighter in the future. I’m trying to see areas where we can improve and so far I’m satisfied with the team. Transfers? We’ll see.”