After just eight games into the season, the Archers find themselves sitting at the seventh position already 9 points behind league leaders FC EKARNA who defeated them 1-4 at the Stadio L’Arciere this afternoon. The Team has only won four matches so far which many of the fans deemed underachieving considering their lineup for the season.

  The team seems to struggle in defense as they already conceded ten goals from just eight games even if they kept a strong core of defenders from their championship season 2 seasons ago. But recently they just seem a bit off as they conceded goals from heading chances. Green Archers Boss, Jimbo, told Archer Pride that he is not really sure what’s wrong with the team and could be one good signing away from reversing their fortunes for the rest of the season.

“I’m not really sure what’s wrong with this team. They’re training well, have high spirits, but we’re not translating that on match days. The way we’re losing is astonishing, really.” The outspoken owner said to AP.

“We hope we can make a signing this week and it could be the one that could help us play consistently again. Right now I’m satisfied with our additions. Ben Klem and Genti Xhani are both great players and work hard on the pitch but there seems to be a disconnect between defense and midfield. But right now, it’s easier for us to focus on improving attack rather than defense.” The Verdeneri boss added.

The Archers are keen to improve their performance away against Real Madrid CR7 on Sunday afternoon.