Team fans of the Archers think that the team is still on the right track despite a string of unfortunate results. Speaking to Archer Pride, Verdeneri Ultras president Juan Antoinio Figueroa says that the team has its flaws but they’re completely behind the team’s owner to bring back the title to the Marikina side.

“The team has its flwas but considering what we accomplished over the past five seasons is amazing.” the fan president said

“We’re still in the process of being an elite level club. As fans we fully support our team’s strategies and efforts. We could try to get another creative midfielder to help assist our attackers, but we have been satisfied with the recent signing of Genti Xhani” he added

The Archers bounced back immediately after a 1-4 defeat to FC EKARNA last Friday and beat Real Madrid CR7 0-3 away. They have a chance to add another victory under their belt this Wednesday when they meet bottom dwellers GENSAN CITY FC at the Stadio.