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I just love the new Love Live Sunshine’s insert song “Bokura no Hashittekita Michi wa…” which translates to “The path we ran on was…” and was featured in their movie “Over the Rainbow”.

I must say it’s one the catchiest songs I have ever heard from them and any song from recent memory.

The dance steps are so cute and mesmerizing. I even find myself wondering how to do the steps myself, haha! This is one song truly fitting of a movie of this beloved school idol series.


Let me share this music video to you guys. It’s uploaded in the Lantis Channel over at Youtube. I think it’s a nice song for those in dire need of some Love Live in their day.


Hey there anime guys and gals! Well here is some music to help us relax the Sunday away.

I chose these two music pieces since I think they are similar sounding. Well to me at least. “Melodies of Life” is one my favorite Final Fantasy songs of all time. I have it in my music playlist and listen to it from time to time.

“Perhaps Love” is very meaningful especially when sung by the legendary John Denver. Both of them are love songs and very good ones, too. I just listened to it when I overheard my dad’s Sunday radio station. I remembered it so I decided to put it here.

So I hope you enjoy these two songs. Don’t forget you can follow this blog on twitter at @archersandanime

Cheers everyone and happy Sunday!


This is one of the opening themes of one of my favorite Gundam series, Gundam Seed. It’s has a jazz feel to it and sounds very relaxing.



Video thanks to JKtKJ Charts