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I’m a strong believer that a lot about the world is wrong. If it is all good and rosy, I would not have to write stuff about them. Many of them are caused by uneducated drivers who magically get granted drivers’ licenses by the LTO. Also, many public officials don’t appreciate the need for following a land use plan. Just take a look at the unfinished eyesore visible behind Rizal’s monument. It’s a disgrace.

I’ll try to rank my most hated happenings, manners, or mistakes. There are so many and I can add things here every single day but then this article will be too long for to make interesting reading. Here are my top things I hate most about time on the road.

Cutting cars

Cutting cars to get in line to pass an flyover. Man, How many curse words have I flung to offensive motorists (all in my head of course) who cut or try to cut me on times that I almost make it to the safety of the flyover railings. Since my first encounter of this kind of motorist, I’ve accepted that many more drivers like these exist out there. It may be because of rushing, or trying to copy others also doing it. Also I feel more forgiving and even more generous in letting cars pass me if they simply turn on their signal lights. 

Another thing that I hate is a cutting car that has no signal light on and looks really aggressive. Sometimes I feel the urge to slam my car to an aggressive cutting car. But then again, I think that it’s not wroth risking my life in exchange for a gash or a dent on the piece of trash’s soap box. But seriously, slamming on his car would make a really cool movie style chase scene.

Oh and by the way, this also applies to motor bikes, too.

Not signalling to turn

This is kind of offensive driving is very dangerous especially if road visibility is poor and(or) driving at high speeds. I turn my signal on even though I know there is no one immediately behind me. this kind of safety precaution is very useful if some mad driver comes from another lane who plans to move to my current lane. Signals were made to make driving safer when other drivers see them. It would be pointless to switch them on when their car crashes to another car who did not know they were making a move.

Stopping suddenly without switching on the car’s hazard lights

This is a common Filipino driving error that has to stop. While driving it’s very annoying to see the car in front of you come to a crawl, stops, and then switches on his/her hazard lights. I mean, you should switch it on before you come to a crawl to alert me that something is wrong and you need to stop. Plus, PLEASE do it on the side of the road and not in the middle of the street where I could hit you IF I’m distracted!


Crossing the road can be an easy task. You just find yourself a pedestrian crossing (a “zebra” if you will) or an overpass. If there are no overpasses or crossings nearby, then you can take a look both ways down the road to check is cars are passing and can’t stop if you decide to risk your life and cross. I am a pedestrian myself an I can’t figure out why other people can’t find the discipline or the mental fortitude enough to do a safe passage. Many of these people are lazy. I know I should not be saying this but if I see accidents on the television pertaining pedestrians not crossing the right way, I always feel that it will happen and am not surprised one bit.

If those people don’t want to live anymore, FINE. Just leave me and my family members out of your miserable existence. Moving on…

Parked Cars in the side of public roads 

I know public roads are, well, public but that does not give an excuse for roadside restaurants to let their customers park on the side of the road and make the roads more constricted than usual. The parked roads are a hazard to oncoming traffic but also makes it a sore to look at. I mean if you are a really great business establishment, then why have you guys seem to have forgotten to build bigger parking spaces? GENIUS MUCH?

And yes, I am looking at you Banapple and Conti’s! (Katipunan) Shame on you all! Does it look pretty to you guys thinking to yourselves that just because the cars in your 4-car parking spaces are overflowing that business is good?! Well wouldn’t it mean that your business is thriving if you can make a parking basement or move to a more spacious location? Whatever and I’m not a fan of your food anyway.

Cops/MMDA/Planners/Officials who have no clue on how to solve traffic problems

You know what people? Most problems start small, then if left unsolved, they grow and grow and grow some more. If problems are left unsolved after X years, then the result is Metro Manila traffic and poorly planned cities.

I’ll start off by criticizing our cops, the Philippines’ finest (no shows). Its pretty simple, if cops start to catch traffic violators with much consistency, precision, and conviction then undisciplined drivers will sharply drop. But knowing our police force is terribly undermanned. Our current police to population ratio is one police officer for every one thousand citizens. Now that is huge! Police visibility is low, thus crimes of all sorts increase during the night as well. I definitely find the stick better than a carrot in this case.

I am not so sure about what the MMDA’s jurisdiction is and what are their duties and responsibilities are. Maybe they can catch traffic violators, but I’m not so sure what kind of punishment they can do. In any case, similar to the police, once they start to tighten up in catching traffic violators then the country’s streets will be a safer place to drive on.

Planners and officials must work hand in hand but that is not the case in our beloved country. Metro Manila is deemed a planner’s worst nightmare for several reasons. First, the space is very limited so any drastic changes to its land use or building major infrastructures will most probably involve demolishing existing buildings. If not space then the problem would be political in nature. Many cities have their own agenda on how projects will benefit their city, barangay, or town. It’s rare to see officials think about the bigger picture and how a big project can be beneficial to multiple cities, barangays, or towns.

I’m starting to think that the Government does not listen to planners. I guess they only do what’s best for business and grant huge malls, business districts, and tall condo units to rise in the middle of already congested Metro Manila. All development is concentrated here in Metro Manila and there are little efforts of decongesting it.

As I see things, our traffic problem has become a trap where there is little we can do at the moment without the cooperation of the citizens. The trap starts when the DPWH has completely forgotten how to project population levels and growth. They are completely off when deciding how wide a road shall be and how many cars will use them. Next, I think that the country has too many cars, you guys think that country’s economy is good when we have more cars in our roads. We are on the right track if we have the roads for it, if not then it  becomes a nightmare. It’s very easy to get cars here, whatever your budget is. This problem of rapid increase in number of cars is coupled by the slow or minimal efforts of phasing out old cars to make way for the newer models. This is the middle portion of the trap. Then next portion of the trap is bad public transportation. Bad trains, inefficient jeepneys are at the cornerstone of Philippine commuting. This coupled with roads that are not wide enough makes terrible commuting experiences for everyone. The most bothering thing is that many of our commuters have already accepted is as a way of life and expect nothing to be done about it. In fact many of the drivers, pedestrians, and officials accept it to be a part of our daily lives. Most probably because it is deemed and unsolvable problem, if not something almost impossible to fix.

In summary the trap goes like this: bad roads –> too many cars –> bad public transportation –> accept as part of our daily lives 

This becomes a trap when people start to think that there is not solution without sacrificing anything. Car owners will not phase out their old cars in exchange for a less congested road. Commuters will not pay more for trains in exchange for better rail cars and transport system in general. Officials thinking that nothing is wrong since traffic jams also occur in developed countries which is, in honesty, it does but it’s different if you have a very reliable public transport system to fall on.

With our lack of planning from the beginning our our government we already doomed our economy to smoothly grow and provide more opportunities for our countrymen. Yes our economy is growing but at what cost? Time with our families while commuting from work? Risking more traffic related accidents everyday? Risking more corruption among officials who generate more savings even if there are much to improve about our roads and other infrastructure? 

The list goes on and on.


Well there you have it. It’s a pretty bad state we are in, especially when I effectively signed up to be an aspiring urban planner. It’s really tough, especially when no body listens to anything you will say or only listen to selected things you suggest. Sometimes you can’t fight culture and I think that’s what is in play here. It’s already in our blood which makes us strong as a people, but at the same time has caused us much hardship just to attend work and school or going home.

Don’t get me wrong, I want commuters in the Philippines to experience a pleasurable commuting experience and to let them explore different modes of transportation without risking their lives or their week’s budget. Being able to commute is fun, it really is, but it’s not in this country. I hope see the day where our mass transit systems are good and reliable. Being efficient is key to the country’s further development. It’s really simple if only we planned to begin with.

These are simply some of my thoughts about the bad traffic conditions in our country and some things to ponder on the next time you ride a jeep or go behind the wheel. Peace!


Archers boss, again, voiced out his plans for the team and assured fans that they would be pushing for a top 5 finish this and in the coming seasons. The team management have been recently criticized to lack the effort in bringing in good proven talent to help out in a few positions. The team has been lacking the world class talent ever since Varela and Verhassel retired a few seasons ago. Now that the team has relied on the old guard of Edu IglesiasMarcos Bueno, and Lucio Sarmiento and many of the fans think that they are all past their prime and should be replaced soon. Though management have made certain improvements, many still think that the team does not have the financial capabilities to rival many other big clubs in signing great proven talent. 

Because of this, team manager Jimbo has devised a strategy both in spending and buying that give importance to youth rather than developed talent. The recent purchase of Gaspar Alonso and the development of other young players like Juan MosqueraCesar AgudoEnrique Largo, Celestino Heredia and Alfredo Guerrero shows the strategy already in action. Though the majority are defenders, Jimbo sees them as fundamental players for the team to build on. 

“These players are going to be starters in the team. It will take time for them to have an impact in the senior team, especially with lots of teams choosing to spend on developed players instead of developing their own players. It’s like a family here. The youngsters can grow with the senior players and are not afraid to make mistakes.” he told AP

“Many teams like Diliman Ultimate Organization, Blue Wave FClions of munich, and Scape United use a different style from ours. They win now and that is great for them. We do not have the same financial capacity like they do so we chose this strategy. It brings profit and at the same time we get younger. We have different styles that have their pros and cons. We just like this strategy better.” Jimbo added

The Archers supremo flies to Iloilo to attend a ground breaking ceremony for a new Archers youth facility and to scout young talent in the area. The facility will also serve as the team’s headquarters for scouting in the region. 

When AP were granted some time with Archers owner, Jimbo, he let out a few secrets that really are interesting.

“I’m scared of lions. Especially up close at the zoo. They really are powerful creatures. The king of beasts, I’d say”

When asked if this was related to the UFL team lions of munich this is what he told AP.

“No no no. You misunderstood me. I was referring to just the beast not the team. We respect their history and their team. I’m friends with their manager. We do a lot of business together. I’m happy for his success.”

Then we probed further on what the Archers boss thinks of things.

“I’m also afraid of crashing waves for some reason. Maybe it was because of the time I stayed in a seaside vacation villa of Alfredo (Varela). Suddenly a storm brewed one evening and I had no choice but to stick it out and try to weather the storm. It was a little traumatic for me. The winds sounded like crashing waves. My fear was the waves could crash into my window at any moment” the Verdeneri boss added

“I do love dogs. I’m a lover and I have four at my mansion. Two mixed breed dogs and two Siberian Huskies”

He was also asked about what was his most embarrassing moment in recent memory was.

“It has to be the barong (local Filipino formal costume) incident”

“One afternoon in a political event, I had to wear paperclips for cuff links since I forget to bring my cuff links. It was embarrassing!” the boss chuckled

Juan Miguel E. Reside, or Jimbo to many, is an oil tycoon in the country and has an estimated net worth of 10 billion US dollars. His business has already expanded to energy generation and engine manufacturing.



Archers owner, Jimbo, told Archer Pride that at the team needs to address the needs of the team as soon as possible. The Verdeneri boss feels like the team needs to push harder for a top 3 spot to assure them of RoW action next term.

“I feel that the team has really underachieved. We’ve been one of the country’s top clubs and now I feel we have let ourselves drop season after season.” the boss said to AP

“I think that we need to start in attack and midfield. We need to sell some guys and attract top quality talent. It seems that many clubs are pushing for a win now strategy, buying old but developed talent, and it is something that I have considered. But success cannot be rushed and we want to give our youngsters a chance to shine and learn with the senior team.”

The Green Archers are sitting at the ninth spot and level in points with Saint Francis Athletic and Blue Wave FC.  

Archers goalkeeper, Marcos Bueno, told AP that the team needs improvements up front and states that Prieto and Caso are struggling. 

“The team needs better scorers. We must help each other to score against teams who have good defenses.” Marcos told AP

“Our situation before is very different. We had great strikers like Verhassel and Varela. Now our team chemistry will be put to the test.” the experienced goalkeeper added

The Archers front line are expected to struggle this term in scoring with only Caso and Prieto as the most experienced among the team’s forwards. 

Notes: Bueno, 31, has conceded 6 goals in 3 apperances this season. Caso and Prieto Scored 4 goals between them in three appearances this season. 

Former Archers captain and powerful defender, Álvaro Puerta, says that the club he grew up in shows signs that it can be dominant in the UFL again. He also added that the team is doing the right thing in investing in younger players and says that there are a lot of promising young players in the squad. 

“The team needs time to get their act together. It is always not easy to win consistently when you lose talent such as Llama and Verhassel” Álvaro told AP.

“The club is right to invest in younger players. I grew up in their youth system and I think some of the current youth players need the guidance of the team veterans to shine.”

Álvaro Puerta, 33, is currently in his first stint for the lions of munich which is currently occupying the top spot of the United Football League with a 5 point lead against local rivals Diliman Ultimate Organization. The Archers sit in the 8th spot 7 points behind the last RoW Cup qualifying spot. The Archers battle 7th spot Lex Talionis on Sunday. 

The former Archers captain, Alfredo “The Philippine Eagle” Varela was given the task to handle the Junior Archers last Friday. The former King Archer promises more respected talent to come and is happy of the support club owner/manager has given him.

“I can’t stay away from football for too long. I love the city and the club, so when Jimbo approached me for the job, I could not say no. I know how important my role will be. When I was a young lad playing for the Junior Archers, I was given the opportunity to show my skills and improve them everyday in training. I’m excited to get started.”

Verala is the Archers’ all time leader in games played(545), goals(392), and assists(105).




Cesar Agudo is still eighteen years of age but he is starting to be a force to be reckoned with in the heart of the Junior Archers’ defense. Agudo is tall, powerful, fast, and will stick to his man like glue. He will be important for the senior team because of aging defenders like Iglesias and Puerta which also is weakened considerably and one of the main reasons for inconsistency of the team’s performances. 

“I try to improve every week I train. I aspire to be part of the national squad someday but I’m still far from achieving what Iglesias and Rodriguez (Scape) gives to the team. I’m in no rush, I’ll continue to work with the coaches in improving my game and see if I’m ready in a few years to get some first team action.” The talented defender told AP

Archers boss, Jimbo, told the press on Thursday evening that he is thrilled on how the club is shaping up to be a competitive force again in the UFL. The club has undergone some difficult times as some of the club’s prominent players have struggled due to injuries, age, and retirement. 

“The club is really taking shape. We are starting to know where we are lacking and we are trying to be smart with our purchases. Not all big money purchases are good for the club. We ask the fans to be patient with us since it’s a long process but one which is necessary.” the big boss told the press

Alfredo Varela, who is now set to sign a contract that would make him a youth player coach, said to the press that he is excited with the recruitment of the club. 

“Some of the players here have really good potential and they can contribute early. Some of the players have already featured in the Junior Archers. We are taking note of their strengths and studying how they can fit in at the senior level.” The former Archer captain told AP

The Archers currently sit third in the league table and are in a fight with Scape United, MAAP, and Lex Talionis for a RoW Cup spot. 


Green Archers captain, Alfredo Varela, was devastated that his squad lost due to questionable decisions by the referee. The 34 year old captain was angered and saddened by the Archers loss to mid table squad Lex Talionis with a 3-4 final score. 

“The fans were obviously disappointed and so are we. I saw the tackle and it didn’t look bad! I didn’t know what the ref was thinking. It was a bad call” Varela told AP

“We are still believing but if crazy decisions like that hinder us from closing the gap on Blue Wave FC, then what can we do? We play hard as we can but it seems a greater power is denying us of a title.” he added

The Archers are currently 5 points behind local powerhouse Blue Wave FC and Jimbo believes that they put themselves in a tough spot with missed chances and bad games. 

“We played poorly in the Lex game. I told the players if you are going to foul them that hard why not just play American football? Results like this one is unacceptable and championship teams rarely play this poor.” Jimbo told AP

With only 9 games to go, it will be tough for the Archers to win all of the 9 remaining games to remain in the hunt for that elusive title but if they do it will be one of the best come from behind victories of the tournament.