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The Green Archers have again bolstered their youth squad with the additions of 16-year-olds Agustín Escudero and Martín Benítez. Escudero is a a native of Bacolod while Benitez hails from Makati City.

Agustin will quickly join the team for training starting Monday next week and will be given a chance to don the Green and Black once he completes his medical. Martin is set to join a team already loaded with defensive talents. He will be given a chance to play in the team’s left flank which is his natural position.

Archer youth standout, César Agudo, finally had his chance to start for the senior team last Thursday in a league match against Local Brewery SC. “The Power” as he is called for his physical strength and tall and bulky build had a rating of 6 which impressed both youth team manager Alfredo Varela and team owner and senior team manager Jimbo.

“Cesar is playing beyond his years. I liked how he looked calm in the match and took care of every attack that came his way. He always finds a way to improve his game. With a guy that tall coming at you, I can’t blame some players not wanting to take him head on.” Varela said

“His time will come. I hope he won’t grow impatient and rush things. He must take all the advice the senior team is giving him. He loves the team which helps a lot in his development.”

In other news, long time youth scout Jon Fernandez celebrates his 73rd birthday today. Happy birthday sir! We wish you more scouting days to come.


preview07f88a19c5a97da2882f33bef3ec7f78At 6 feet 9 inches, French forward Florian Antonini could easily be the tallest forward in the UFL today and is the tallest purchase of the Green Archers. The player is just starting to reach his full potential and could be a very good player for the Junior Archers. Froilan could feature in his first game on Wednesday for the young squad and is being tutored personally by former Archers captain and current youth manager, Alfredo Varela.

The Frenchman arrived Sunday evening and is excited to start training with his new squad. 

“I hope we can keep him. If turns out to be a great player, I think it is really possible that he could stay to start for the senior team. He is strong and quick, which is rare for young players.” Alfredo said

At only 50M, this could easily be a real bargain for the Verdeneri and Owner/Manager Jimbo is happy to bring the news to the fans. 

“I was not thinking that we could get him at that price. It’s a miracle if you ask me.” Jimbo told media 

Note: Froilan is just 22 years of age and is starting to bloom. Jimbo was already to pull out of the bid war but then the rival bidders stopped at the last moment. 



Archers Manager/Owner Jimbo looking great as usual

Archers manager owner Jimbo stated that to win the league starts with quality locals. The team has currently undergone a new strategy that focuses on local player development.

“Powerful teams start with the locals. Right now teams think that being lucky is the only way to go when looking for quality local players but I think it is a wrong way of thinking. At the Stadio L’Arciere, we give them opportunities to shine and show their worth to the squad. If they don’t develop well, then that is the time we part ways” Jimbo told media

“I think it’s great that other teams are also attracting good local talent. Though sometimes they don’t have the patience to wait for most of them to develop. These kids need chances and we are giving them that chance.”

The Archers have an extensive scouting network which includes satellite offices in each region and 72 scouts working in different parts of the Philippines and the World.   

Archers manager Jimbo will look into a partnership with some foreign teams to help in bringing in quality youngsters into the club. The team will look to add to their attack next week as they will hold tryouts next Saturday in Iloilo. 


Archers legend and youth manager, Alfredo Varela, told media that the Archers are having one of their best stretches in recruiting since their earlier seasons.

“We already have found good players like César AgudoGaspar AlonsoEnrique José LargoIsmael Maroto, and Juan Mosquera. We plan to broaden our range of scouting in the country. We want to find the next heroes who will don the green and black.” the manager said

“Knowing that some other clubs have stepped up their recruitment, we have to step up our recruitment as well. Success is taken given. It’s really fun scouting and recruiting young individuals who have the desire to learn and compete.” he added

Manager Alfredo will meet with local school officials in Marikina and in Quezon City to try to broaden their youth program on Monday.