Fairy Tail 396 c/o mangareader.net

The 396th manga of Fairy Tail just went out last week and I found it very much like a common FT battle issue. With Natsu and Gajeel clash against the two Tartarus demons, Torafusa and Tempesta. Though the issue is creating much attention due to an appearance of one or two Gajeel X Levy moments.

A major Gajeel X Levy Moment if I ever saw one.

The image above shows Levy giving the “breath of life” to Gajeel when he was losing air when immersed under Torafusa’s poisonous water magic. It was a major step forward since there was never much moments like this one involving the two prior to this issue. 

Hands off!!!

I just love the romance in this manga since it’s so subtle yet so awesome when they do happen. Now I just wish Natsu and Lucy would have a similar moment together so I can do massive fist pumps all day. 

Images c/o mangastream.com and mangareader.net