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   Last season was a disappointing one both from the players’ perspective and the fans of the Archers. While they were still able to reach the RoW League group stage this season, fans still dream of what would have been and what could be in their beloved club’s trophy cabinet. Still, things look pretty optimistic in the Verdeneri camp as they continue to believe that one day their club’s fortunes will turn and become champions of the Philippines.

   The team’s youth class has been in a resurgence as of late and has been the talk of the city of Marikina. Former youth players like the towering César Agudo, the tireless Gaspar Alonso, and the returning Chus Calvillo have all made their way to the first team and they will not be the last.

“Some of our players do come from different youth systems. But it is our job to find them and bring them here. Youth is an important part of the game we play here and also a big help to our national team.” Archers boss told media

   Alfredo Almansa (YOLO! FC) and Gaspar Alonso (Muntinlupa City F.C.) both came from different clubs and we were lucky to get them. We are also happy to have Tomás Matías and Martín Benítez who are both very good young defenders. They are developing very well and we hope to see them in the first team soon. Chito Aguilera is a genius in midfield but he is still very raw and needs mentoring from our senior players. José María Carvajal and Samuel Vela are very talented attackers. We’re very lucky to have them.

   We have very high hopes for Vela. He can start for most lower league sides. He’s a natural finisher and a developed body. He will be one of the leaders of the club. For his age, he plays a mature game, way ahead of his peers.

The Archers sit 6th in the UFL after 12 matches and face a dangerous Dumaguete Dynamos side who are looking for an upset today.


Fresh from the Green Archers’ second straight cup title at the expense of the Philippine powerhouse, Blue Wave FC, Archers Co-captain Edu Iglesias voiced out his frustrations on not being able to take the league trophy home to the Stadio L’Arciere and to its loyal fans. The Archers were leading by a point in the group table when they lost to up and coming local team FC EKARNA and with it the title. Blue Wave won its last game against underachieving side Sticky Feet Alliance 2-0 and the league title.

Though the Archers won its second league cup in a row the veteran defender could only shed tears of sadness that he was not able to bring the title home to Marikina and thought he could have done more in their loss to EKARNA.

“It’s always going to be in the back of the minds of the players and fans. We were so close and yet we broke down under the pressure. It’s not a good feeling. Sometimes I think about it before I go to sleep. Now that I am retiring and played my last game of my career, it’s going to stay with me as a chance that we didn’t take.” said the experienced defender.

The same feeling is shared by all players and even team owner, Jimbo, while having its best run of form was still not able to pry away the title from the Blue league powerhouse. The team won 18 straight matches at one point but was still not enough.

“It’s sad not to win the title. We were so close and yet one bad result could spell the end of the chase.” Jimbo told media

“We have to start the next season really well to have a chance to win it all. We are hoping that we can build on our current squad for next season. Edu is retiring and we are looking for replacements. It will not be easy replacing Edu. He is a very good player but we have to move forward”


The Archers showed little fight in them as they fell to the reigning UFL Champions, Scape United, 1-4 at the Stadio L’Arciere. The 4 goals are the most that the side has conceded this season and are left licking their wounds as they try to bounce back against Sticky Feet Alliance this Friday afternoon.

“I thought we were mentally weak!” The Archers owner told media after the game

“We stopped playing after Šime Vučko was sent off. We lacked passion to keep up with them. I hope to get back to winning on Friday. It’s a must win game for us. Every team in the top 5-8 are very strong and each point is valuable.”

When asked if there will be any more first team additions to the club this season, the Verdeneri boss plainly said that it would depend on the situation in a few weeks.

“If there are good players for sale and in our budget then why not? But if I feel we have to buy a player then most probably we will. But right now, no. I am happy with the squad and I feel we have a good chance to qualify for the RoW next season.”

Green Archers owner/manager, Jimbo, took time from his busy schedule to sit down with AP and talk about the team’s chances for next season and which teams will most probably surprise, falter, and win the league.

AP: Good day boss, I’m pretty sure the team is still at a high following the team’s wonderful performance at the Philippine Cup. You’ve already made your first crucial addition to the team in Chus Calvillo, will there be any more signings to come before the start of season 40?

Jimbo: The club is always reading the transfer market and looking out for good players to bring in. The only issue there will be is the club is more responsible financially. No more splashing big sums of cash for just one player. We are now looking for players who can play more than one position and more flexible on the attack. We need better attacking players since we’re not that strong individually.

AP: There are some pretty strong teams entering season 40, and some of them have even bolstered their lineup as soon as this preseason. What is your take on the team’s chances for next season and are you still aiming for a top 5 finish?

Jimbo: Blue Wave FC is a scary team. They certainly added one or two great players and I think they are the ones to watch next term. Then there’s lions of munich who is always threatening the top 2. Their midfield are full of great players; some of the strongest in the league. Then there is the three-peat winners, Scape United. Their manager claim that they will be weaker next season but I highly doubt that they are as weak next season as he claims. They have a bunch of really experienced guys and most teams need to be at their best to beat them.

All of these teams are very good and talented. Our team is one in transition. We have been very bad recruiting talented youngsters in the past few seasons and we are now paying for it. But with the new players coming into the first team, who knows how we’ll perform next season. We will have rough games for sure, but we will fight through every one of them. That’s just who we are, and we have our fans behind us.

AP: Who do you think will get relegated?

Jimbo: This is a tricky one since we’ve seen some teams looking good at the start of the season only to falter at the end and lose gas. I think Azkals will get relegated. The team simply does not have the personnel to stay in the UFL. Sige FCSandigan, and  Local Brewery SC are all returning former UFL teams and I think at least one of them will replace Azkals.

AP: What position will Chus Calvillo be playing?

Jimbo: I just spoke to him about this and he said he can play almost all positions from midfield to defense. I’m confident that he will do well in defense and midfield but I’m counting on him more in helping out defense. Edu Iglesias is not getting any younger and some of our defenders may get suspended so he can fill in for them at defense.

AP: Will we be expecting any more player movements, boss?

Jimbo: Most certainly. We are looking to raise more money for next season and to do that we need to sell some more players. We are already in talks with one or two clubs and they already committed to make some deals happen. We can expect some movement this week or the next. Next season when the transfer window opens, we’ll see a lot of activity from the lower teams as well. We’ll see what happens.

There you have it. Some thoughts from the brilliant mind behind the Green Archers.


   Iconic Archers defender, Miguel Marzo, played his last match for the Verdeneri last Thursday afternoon in what was a goal-fest which ended 7-3 in favor of the Archers and giving the team its first ever major top league trophy. Marzo, 36, will be retiring at the end of the season and will Join Alfredo Varela in the youth development sector of the Archers as a coach. Marzo was in tears when he lifted the trophy above his head for the first time in his career.

“It was a truly great feeling! Was very happy when I was chosen to sub in for Vigil. I thanked Jimbo and I’m proud to wear this shirt for so long. Now we have a trophy that we can be proud of and I was part of the team who did it. It’s an amazing feeling, I can’t describe it in few words. Magical.”  the defender told media

“We are very lucky to have a player and friend like him. He is close to all the players especially the young ones. He is a professional on and off the pitch. We will miss him. He makes us calm and think positively.” Manager Jimbo said

   Marzo played 627 matches for the Green and Black and is the most experienced player in the current roster of the team. He came from the youth ranks of the Archers becoming one of the best players to come out of the team’s academy.

“To all the supporters and all my family members who believed in me and pushed me to do my best at the highest level. This cup championship is for you. Now this chapter of my career is over, it’s time for me to start a new one. It will be a new challenge and I will be a rookie again. But this club is my love, my passion. I will never leave it.”

                                                                                                                                                                         —Miguel Marzo


The Archers are off to a great start with a 3-0 record and conceding only one goal so far while scoring seven. The Archers may have lost key players due to transfers but have found ways to improve their performances through a formation change and addition of more efficient players like forward Shahin Afand and defensive phenom Gaspar ‘The Shadow’ Alonso.

“I love our start. But if history is going to tell us anything is that good starts doesn’t mean anything unless you can keep it up for most of the season. But we’re lucky sometimes” Jimbo told AP

“It’s only going to get more difficult. We have to juggle players depending on injuries, suspensions, and international tournaments. We are elated that we were able to qualify for international tournaments again. The monetary benefits will be useful to our continued resurgence in the UFL.”

The Green Archers are sitting 2nd behind tiNabaL RepubLic in the UFL standings after 3 matches. The Verdeneri have beaten last season’s champs, Scape United, 0-3. The team goes against kloxz on Wednesday in what would be an entertaining match.


Archers manager/owner Jimbo told media that the team will most probably have to win its match against Blue Wave FC to get the third spot in the UFL to avoid a more difficult qualifying road to the RoW League group stage. The Archers are currently tied in points with Blue Wave with kloxz and Victorious Secret not too far behind.

“Securing third will be our goal right now. But it is proven that it will not be an easy task with our current level of talent. We are not as big as we used to be with some of our guys getting older. But with have an interesting mix of young and not so young players. We’ll see what happens.” Jimbo told media

“We are lucky to have an opportunity to reach the RoW League. We were close before but we were not so lucky. I hope our luck changes this term.”

The Archers have four matches remaining facing kloxz on Wednesday, FC EKARNA on Friday, facing Blue Wave on Sunday, and ending the season with Inter Ormoc Athletico on Wednesday next week.

Archers winger, José Enrique Vigil, was quick to point out after their defeat away to UFL newcomers, Local Brewery SC, that the team wasn’t their selves and looked tired for much of the contest. The established UFL side was stunned away from the Stadio suffering one of its most lopsided loss of the season, losing 3-0.

“It was a disappointing display for us. We played poorly and I apologize to the fans that we lost focus and steam in the game. We lost our mental edge and I think that is one that cost us the game.” The experienced winger told AP after the game

“We were not so clinical with our shots and much of them were wasted. It was a sad sight, I must admit. We were making the chances but we didn’t score. We were frustrated and it led to more misses. We must do better if we are to qualify for the Rest of the World Cup or League (RoW)” he added

The Archers face kloxz, next, who are experiencing their best seasons in the UFL so far placing fifth after 30 games. With only 4 league games to play, the Archers need to focus and play smart if they are to be successful in securing a RoW Spot this term.

Verdeneri captain, Sebastián Ocio, pointed out that the team’s renaissance in season 38 can be attributed to team work and harmony. The 27-year-old midfielder and Philippine international spoke to Archer Pride on how the club was able to turn around a dismal showing last season and be in contention for a top 3 spot this term.

“Coach Jimbo told us in the beginning of the season that the team is strong if we believe it to be. He shared stories about the Archer legends and how they never gave up even without any silverware. We are a proud club and we believe that we are in the right direction to get our first championship. We have to keep developing our youngsters and be brave. We play as a team.” the Archers captain told AP

“We have to keep sharing the ball and play as a team. We know we don’t have very potent scorers, unlike previous seasons. What we have done is make our passes more intelligent and precise. “

Ocio pulls the strings and anchors the defense in midfield. This makes things much easier on the other players.

The Archers are one of the hottest teams in the UFL at the moment winning their last 6 matches including 2 local cup matches. The team looks to add to their winning streak when they take on former UFL team, RP 5, in a local cup match later this afternoon.

Notes: The Archers have won 8 of its last 10 matches and have scored 42 goals while only conceding 7. Victories against lions of munich and Scape United highlight the team’s amazing run. A 4-2 loss to newly promoted side Real Madrid CR7 was a disappointing result for the club during the same 10 match stretch.

Miguel Marzo

Miguel Marzo

One time Archer captain, Miguel Marzo, is introduced as the newest assistant coach of the team’s youth system. The 35-year-old was approached by team owner, Jimbo, and immediately accepted the role. The player has played 619 games in total for the Verdeneri. According to fans, he is said to be the best player to not ever play for the national team. At 35 years of age he is among the oldest in team history to start a game. He has appeared in 14 matches this term and still going strong. 

“He is our father figure on and off the pitch. He teaches us how to work hard during training and think smart during matches. I am happy that he will stay in the Stadio L’Arcier and train the new breed star players for us.” midfielder José Enrique Vigil told AP

Marzo rose from the youth ranks and intends on playing out his career with the Archers. 

“I would not trade this experience for anything. I hope our efforts in attracting great young talent will bare fruit. I accept this wonderful opportunity. It’s not something that comes often. I already started getting to know some of the youth players. This will be my new challenge.” Miguel said 

“I promise the fans that I will never leave the club. My heart stays here.”

Miguel will start after the end of the season 38 and will be reunited with old Archer team mate, Alfredo Varela, who is currently managing the youth team.