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Gilas Pilipinas (The Philippines’ Men’s Senior Basketball National Team name) has continued to struggle in the FIBA World Championships in Spain with losses to European teams Greece an Croatia. The tournament has not been kind to the country in a sport where size along with skill is important. Our opponents simply have too much size coupled with speed and reliable outside shooting. Is it enough just to have “puso” (heart) to rely on each and every game. We are considered the underdogs here and it shows in every game so far.

In my opinion it’s alright to play the game you love to play here in the country. Right now the country is basketball crazy and that is fueling the sport with large amounts of support from both the amateur and professional ranks. In every barangay (local town) there are basketball courts that are set up. These are not only used as play areas but as multipurpose areas used for drying rice and corn grains, holding special events, and shade from the summer sun. But what is the point of it all if you can’t be one of the best in the world at what you do? 

With the rising number of active football (soccer if you wish) fans in the country it is no wonder why there are more and more people voicing out their pleas to better support the local football federation in their efforts to bring up the sport where height is not much of an issue and could be an alternative sport to help the poor to get jobs in. Remember many good Brazilian footballers who have found teams who recruit and nurture their skills don’t come from well to do families. It’s pretty much more realistic than poor people here trying to be drafted by PBA teams or better yet, receive good training offered by only elite collegiate teams. To put my theory in perspective, I think there is a greater chance of a poor person, with average basketball skills, just looking for a decent job than to aspire for a college team with a good basketball program to take him in and train him to make his chances to reach the PBA. Now say we are a football country and we replace our covered courts with football fields and such. Now the same poor people play football, they will probably have a higher chance of attracting attention from other clubs (since there are football academies who take young children and develop their skills) but also the there are more players per team (Basketball has needs 5 players to start while football players need 11 players to start the team). It makes more sense if you ask me. I’m just thinking practical.

There are simply more teams looking for the next Messi or Ronaldo, than teams looking for the next Jordan or Bryant. Simple yet practical. The demand for promising, not necessarily good/great players, is simply more than the demand for promising (sometimes already polished) players of basketball and where height is a real plus. AND I MEAN A REAL PLUS (They won’t even consider you in the team in the pros if you’re under 5’5″ unless you’re really good). The recently concluded PBA Draft is also a telling tale of teams drafting polished talent, mostly Fil-Americans or foreign talent. There are simply not enough teams to draft most of the players available so their talents all go to waste, no other league will get them because of the skills required ALONG with the height. To make matters worse, one or two questionable draftees were drafted even though their amateur basketball skills are questionable, namely Congressman/Boxer Manny Pacquiao and his cousin Pac, too. Now that is a slap to the face of not only the league but also to the hard working amateur players who happen to not be political figures or own a team. This is just sad.

The quality of PBA players have diminished over time and gone are the glory days where we can compete against the rest of the world. Heck we have the “extra-rice” guy in the team! Nothing against him but that just shows the quality of our local players now.  

So there you go, my take on football as a Philippine sport for the future and the slow death of local professional basketball. Again these are my own personal opinion if you don’t agree then tough luck. If you agree then you are one of the thousands of growing number of fans realizing that basketball is a great sport to play for recreation but realistically don’t quit your day job for pursuing it as a profession.


Facepalm PBA Moment   

With the conclusion of the recent 2014 Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) rookie draft where Filipino boxing legend, Manny Pacquiao, was drafted 11th by new team Kia Motors and made me think that the league is already a joke and a shell of its former self. Gone are the days that the league drafted legends in the making, gathering truly gifted and hardworking athletes into its teams. Right now the draft is making a mockery of the teams and PBA legends that helped raise the league standard to a really high level. right now we keep drafting unknown so-called Fil-Ams (Filipino-Americans) or Fil-Whatevers. The complete draft results can be found here. I honestly think that the Pacman is just grabbing attention and not really thinking straight. His team, yes Manny owns Kia’s basketball team, even drafted his cousin Rene Pacquiao! Now that is insane and not good for business in so many levels, I won’t even try to make sense of it. 

Pacquiao a no-show at PBA Draft Combine but cousin Rene shows wares


DLSU WIns its 7th Straight

In more celebration-worthy news, the De La Salle University Green Archers (not my Trophy Manager team) has just won it’s 7th straight game and is now tied for the top spot in the league along with Far Eastern University Tamaraws with 7 wins and 2 losses. The win came at the expense of the University of the Philippines Fighting Maroons winning convincingly with a final score of 74 – 53.

Jeron Teng is back to his dominant self driving strong to the basket and at the same time getting his teammates involved. He now reminds me of a less athletic Blake Griffin with his superior body strength and drives to the hoop. Along with him, Almond Vosotros broke out of his shooting slump and started to shoot threes once again. It will be important for DLSU to add three point shooting to their offense since it will open the paint more often to make Jeron more lethal in games. I still think that the team lacks some much needed consistency in low-post scoring. We also don’t block much shots so it will be very difficult to emulate what National University did to Ateneo de Manila University yesterday, August 24.


What the hell PLDT?

This one will be short since it’s been resolved quite quickly. About two days ago I was surprised that our internet connection, provided by PLDT, was restricted due to an unpaid balance that we had for the month of August. So I paid the bill online via a link provided by PLDT. I called their billing department the next day and I was surprised that they admitted that they was not able to send out our bill for the month. So I said to myself, that how does a big company like PLDT treat their customers in this manner? Why is it that they are so quick to ban people from using their services even though it’s their fault we were not able to pay to begin with? Is it their way of saying that we need to subscribe to their paperless billing service? I hope not.