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Miguel Marzo

Miguel Marzo

One time Archer captain, Miguel Marzo, is introduced as the newest assistant coach of the team’s youth system. The 35-year-old was approached by team owner, Jimbo, and immediately accepted the role. The player has played 619 games in total for the Verdeneri. According to fans, he is said to be the best player to not ever play for the national team. At 35 years of age he is among the oldest in team history to start a game. He has appeared in 14 matches this term and still going strong. 

“He is our father figure on and off the pitch. He teaches us how to work hard during training and think smart during matches. I am happy that he will stay in the Stadio L’Arcier and train the new breed star players for us.” midfielder José Enrique Vigil told AP

Marzo rose from the youth ranks and intends on playing out his career with the Archers. 

“I would not trade this experience for anything. I hope our efforts in attracting great young talent will bare fruit. I accept this wonderful opportunity. It’s not something that comes often. I already started getting to know some of the youth players. This will be my new challenge.” Miguel said 

“I promise the fans that I will never leave the club. My heart stays here.”

Miguel will start after the end of the season 38 and will be reunited with old Archer team mate, Alfredo Varela, who is currently managing the youth team. 



Just in case you guys are wondering what’s it like in the green and black side of the fence. Here is a peek at what’s going on on Tuesdays in the Stadio L’Arciere. 

The senior team:

The reserves:


pics c/o Jimbo 


Coinciding with the drastic improvement of the Green Archers’ performance in season 38, team owner Jimbo told AP that the team is strong enough to challenge for a RoW Cup spot and also a slight chance at the RoW League next season. The Sudden surge was created by a few key additions to the team and slight changes in tactics. The team used to play just tree defenders at one point last season but was forced to change the tactic because of unfavorable results of which Jimbo was quick to acknowledge.

“We played poorly last season and it was mostly my fault. We should not have changed formations too drastically. It was a mistake and won’t happen again.”

“Archer fans can dream again. They are very loyal and very few leave each season. We are a family here in the Stadio L’Arciere. The players here know that they can grow and improve each season in hopes to play for the first team. We want to win but improving every season comes first.” the Archer boss added

The Archers currently sit 6th in the table with 14 games to play. They face league leaders Scape United on Sunday afternoon. 



This article that I chose to do is on discussing why it’s very difficult to create a very good team whatever your league is. Now most TM managers know that in creating a good team, you need good players in each and every position. But the key is collecting them and make sure that each of them is at their peak in terms of skills, age, and routine. That in itself is the most challenging part of being a TM manager. You will almost have to be lucky in youth drafting because of the 5 foreigner spot rule. If anything this ideal situation is almost impossible with the financial conditions, youth luck, and transfer list opportunities all need to be right. 

Unlike the real world, players in TM don’t look at teams’ prestige, higher wages, division, and chances at playing internationally. The players go where the highest bid submitted to their club is. It’s very frustrating for a top division club to lose a good player to a 4th division team with a losing record. It mostly does not make sense because it is a game. Game logic is very unique that way. Clubs in the 4th division can match a top division club financially which makes it all more difficult for many inexperienced managers.

Remember, these are not bots you are going against but live human beings wanting the same thing you want. A Championship. 

Real life also comes in the way of creating a good team. Like anything that needs planning if you don’t dedicate enough time it usually results in a rushed execution. In my opinion TM is a not so user friendly game if you want to succeed with little effort. If you’re looking for an easy game with a very gradual learning curve, then Trophy Manager is probably not the football manager game for you.




The former Archers captain, Alfredo “The Philippine Eagle” Varela was given the task to handle the Junior Archers last Friday. The former King Archer promises more respected talent to come and is happy of the support club owner/manager has given him.

“I can’t stay away from football for too long. I love the city and the club, so when Jimbo approached me for the job, I could not say no. I know how important my role will be. When I was a young lad playing for the Junior Archers, I was given the opportunity to show my skills and improve them everyday in training. I’m excited to get started.”

Verala is the Archers’ all time leader in games played(545), goals(392), and assists(105).




Cesar Agudo is still eighteen years of age but he is starting to be a force to be reckoned with in the heart of the Junior Archers’ defense. Agudo is tall, powerful, fast, and will stick to his man like glue. He will be important for the senior team because of aging defenders like Iglesias and Puerta which also is weakened considerably and one of the main reasons for inconsistency of the team’s performances. 

“I try to improve every week I train. I aspire to be part of the national squad someday but I’m still far from achieving what Iglesias and Rodriguez (Scape) gives to the team. I’m in no rush, I’ll continue to work with the coaches in improving my game and see if I’m ready in a few years to get some first team action.” The talented defender told AP

Archers boss, Jimbo, told the press on Thursday evening that he is thrilled on how the club is shaping up to be a competitive force again in the UFL. The club has undergone some difficult times as some of the club’s prominent players have struggled due to injuries, age, and retirement. 

“The club is really taking shape. We are starting to know where we are lacking and we are trying to be smart with our purchases. Not all big money purchases are good for the club. We ask the fans to be patient with us since it’s a long process but one which is necessary.” the big boss told the press

Alfredo Varela, who is now set to sign a contract that would make him a youth player coach, said to the press that he is excited with the recruitment of the club. 

“Some of the players here have really good potential and they can contribute early. Some of the players have already featured in the Junior Archers. We are taking note of their strengths and studying how they can fit in at the senior level.” The former Archer captain told AP

The Archers currently sit third in the league table and are in a fight with Scape United, MAAP, and Lex Talionis for a RoW Cup spot. 

Newly acquired Dutch midfielder, Isaac Verhassel, is showering praise on his teammate Alfredo Varela.

“I have seen his goals and how he plays. he is a true legend in this club and the country. I have seen him play for the country in an international level. Of course he has lost some of his youthful legs but he can be very dangerous in important matches. He is the team’s leader, and everyone here respects him.” The Archers number 2 said to AP

Notes: Isaac Verhassel has scored 12 times for the Archers in the UFL this term, the most in the league after 12 matches. Comedian Joey De Leon and Vic Sotto was spotted in attendance. Varela started on the bench and was subbed in after the hour mark.

Archer Legends and Upcoming Stars

Today I thought of making a new segment in my blog about my team’s star players and upcoming stars.

First up, the Archers’ pride and soul, the captain and scoring machine, one time United Football League scoring champion and best player of the league, Alfredo “The Philippine Eagle” Varela

The Philippine Eagle

He uses his pace, good footwork, and powerful long drives to score against the unlucky goalkeepers who try to stop his shots. He started his career in the Junior Archers Academy and was inspired by the Archers before him. He started his first match for the Green and Black at the age of seventeen and scored three goals in fourteen matches. After that, the rest is history. He went on to score 198 goals in 305 matches so far and still going strong.

Words from the man:
“I just want to keep scoring, and hear the fans chant my name. I want to help the Archers win, I want to lead the team the right way by being a model player for all of them, especially the young ones. Marikina has embraced me and gave me a chance to play when I was a teenager. This city is special and want to play the rest of my career here. I love the Archers!”

The second player, is arguably the best all time defender of the Archers and at only 23 years of age, he can only be better. Presenting, Alvaro Puerta

Alvaro Puerta

At 23 years of age, who would’ve thought that the skinny lad from barangay Parang, Marikina, would grow up to be a 187cm tall mass of power and skill. Alvaro Puerta is starting to make his mark in the United Football League with his crunching tackles and shadow-like marking which will make any manager proud. Though prone to getting yellow cards and warnings, his presence alone will intimidate any sort of striker who ventures into the heart of the Archer defense.

Words from the man:
“Defense is what I do best! When I was a kid, I always felt bad when another kid scored at my expense. Since I was about thirteen, I vowed to myself that I would improve defensively and never give in to the opposing attacker. I bulked up and improved my strength.”

United Football League giant Green Archers will look to sign left winger Pablo Anton Gonzalez as they hope to make their formations more flexible. Great local players are rare in the Philippine League as there are very few local clubs willing to part from their talents. Gonzalez is currently playing for MKGuerra FC who are currently sitting at 17th spot in the standings.

This is what Archers manager and owner Jimbo told Archer Pride about the talented midfielder:

“Pablo [Gonzalez] is a fast winger with good technique and scoring skills. We will definitely be needing his skill in the wings especially when injuries and suspensions occur. He is also Filipino, which will make our squad more dynamic and gives us more choices at midfield. I am determined to sign him and I hope we do. There are a lot of clubs looking to sign him, too.”