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I just love the new Love Live Sunshine’s insert song “Bokura no Hashittekita Michi wa…” which translates to “The path we ran on was…” and was featured in their movie “Over the Rainbow”.

I must say it’s one the catchiest songs I have ever heard from them and any song from recent memory.

The dance steps are so cute and mesmerizing. I even find myself wondering how to do the steps myself, haha! This is one song truly fitting of a movie of this beloved school idol series.


Let me share this music video to you guys. It’s uploaded in the Lantis Channel over at Youtube. I think it’s a nice song for those in dire need of some Love Live in their day.


This opening sequence from one of my favorite childhood anime series, Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh, always makes me want to have cool giant mecha underneath my school when I was a kid (even now). It’s one of those feel good anime that I used to watch when coming home from school. I love the song and the cast of colorful characters.


Credit to johnstrabo for uploading the video.

Team fans of the Archers think that the team is still on the right track despite a string of unfortunate results. Speaking to Archer Pride, Verdeneri Ultras president Juan Antoinio Figueroa says that the team has its flaws but they’re completely behind the team’s owner to bring back the title to the Marikina side.

“The team has its flwas but considering what we accomplished over the past five seasons is amazing.” the fan president said

“We’re still in the process of being an elite level club. As fans we fully support our team’s strategies and efforts. We could try to get another creative midfielder to help assist our attackers, but we have been satisfied with the recent signing of Genti Xhani” he added

The Archers bounced back immediately after a 1-4 defeat to FC EKARNA last Friday and beat Real Madrid CR7 0-3 away. They have a chance to add another victory under their belt this Wednesday when they meet bottom dwellers GENSAN CITY FC at the Stadio.


  After just eight games into the season, the Archers find themselves sitting at the seventh position already 9 points behind league leaders FC EKARNA who defeated them 1-4 at the Stadio L’Arciere this afternoon. The Team has only won four matches so far which many of the fans deemed underachieving considering their lineup for the season.

  The team seems to struggle in defense as they already conceded ten goals from just eight games even if they kept a strong core of defenders from their championship season 2 seasons ago. But recently they just seem a bit off as they conceded goals from heading chances. Green Archers Boss, Jimbo, told Archer Pride that he is not really sure what’s wrong with the team and could be one good signing away from reversing their fortunes for the rest of the season.

“I’m not really sure what’s wrong with this team. They’re training well, have high spirits, but we’re not translating that on match days. The way we’re losing is astonishing, really.” The outspoken owner said to AP.

“We hope we can make a signing this week and it could be the one that could help us play consistently again. Right now I’m satisfied with our additions. Ben Klem and Genti Xhani are both great players and work hard on the pitch but there seems to be a disconnect between defense and midfield. But right now, it’s easier for us to focus on improving attack rather than defense.” The Verdeneri boss added.

The Archers are keen to improve their performance away against Real Madrid CR7 on Sunday afternoon.

  As Archers captain Alfredo Almansa raised the UFL trophy above his head and team supporters roared into chants of celebration, Archers boss Jimbo recalled past failed teams and how these three seasons have been a revelation to him and to their fans.

  The team have won two titles in three seasons and won the Philippine cup in the one season that they didn’t finish top of the league. Players like Azlan Hashim and Zafer Akin have been instrumental in their amazing resurgence into the top of the big league in the country.

“Players like them don’t come to teams like ours very often.” Jimbo told media.

“We believed in our strategy and how we plan to go about our season and the team was rewarded. We had a poor finish last season but we got the local cup which is no lesser feat. We all did our part, the defense and offense were amazing all season.”

  The team lead the league in fewest goals conceded and the most scored which was the first in club history. Local defenders Cesar Agudo, Tomas Matias, Fancisco Paredes, and Gaspar Alonso helped the team keep out goals which is crucial in a team that focuses on attack.

“We try to attack as much as possible. But that would be useless if the opponent scores more. So we try to pack the middle as much as possible but also create from defense which worked well for us.” Jimbo added

The Archers, however, were unable to win this season’s Philippine cup as local powerhouse FC Ekarna went out winners. Still, the Archers owner remains optimistic about the future.

“We’ll keep doing what we’re doing until I see fit. We have some young talent in our squad with (Jose Maria)Carvajal and (Samuel)Vela being in their early twenties and I can see them shine brighter in the future. I’m trying to see areas where we can improve and so far I’m satisfied with the team. Transfers? We’ll see.”

Archers Win S46 Title

  “We have done it!” A teary eyed, Vigil, told reporters as the Verdeneri captured their first ever Unite Football League Title. The veteran captain told media that he is filled with different emotions and will savor the moment for a long time. He is quick to acknowledge the team and their effort to bring home the trophy to the Stadio L’Arciere.

“Everyone did their part. From the choaching staff, the players, the physios, the fans, and our owner, we could not have done it without them.” the 35 year old captain told the media

“We started the season well. We were unsure at first as we were playing with a new philosophy and formation. We rode the wave, so to speak. We stumbled a little with injuries and suspensions but we were lucky with both our results and our rivals'” He added

  The Archers started the sason winning nine of their first ten matches. The momentum seemed to bring life into the players and believeing they can win every match. The players started believing that they have a special season in their hands, and so did the fans. Chants started to get louder and more emotion was shown in every passing game. Win or lose, the fans came in the thousands.

“It was unbelieveable. Even the regular fans started to chant with the ultras. Young and old. It was a sight to behold and sent chills though my body. We wanted to win every game for them.” Archers owner Jimbo revealed

“I told the guys (players) at the start of the season we would play an attacking kind of game. They were unsure at first as we had a very young back line. But then they all agreed to the philosophy. They’re a tight-knit bunch and helped one another throughout the season. It was special.” Jimbo added

The Archers turn their attaention to the League Cup and face local rivals lions of munich later this afternoon. If they win, the Archers will have their very first double.


   Jose Enrique Vigil has worn the Green and Black number 8 for about 19 seasons and is looking to join the 20 season club when he plays for the Archers next season. His contributions to the club is unparalleled as the team’s first choice corner taker. Even with his pace and stamina diminishing he commands respect from his peers and the younger members in the team.

“He’s one of the players last to leave the gym. He works a lot on his game even in his advanced age, we have no excuses not to work hard.” Samuel Vela said to AP

“We look up to him like a big brother. He has a lot of experience and when the day comes for him to hang his boots, then I hope we’re ready to take over the leader role. He is one of our role models and he is well loved by the team and the fans” the 22 year old wonderkid added

Team owner and manager, Jimbo, also sang praises of the 34 year old winger and told media that he is a very underrated player.

“He rarely gets injured. That alone is a testament on how well he keeps his body fit and ready before every match. He just goes in and does his job. Even in his early days in the academy up to now. He’s special for us and we’re lucky to have him” Jimbo told AP

Vigil is set to play his 667th match of his career and will be looking to aid the team secure a 3rd place finish this afternoon against Blue Wave FC’s B team.


   Archers wonderkid, Samuel Vela, called for his teammates’ to grab a top 5 finish to end the season. The Archers are currently sitting in 5th place after a convincing win to newly promoted UFL side, LEGO-DANMARK, 5-1 at the Stadio L’Arciere.

“We pretty much have top 5 in our sights last week. We must keep fighting for a RoW qualification spot. Not having any piece of international competitions next season will be a failure in our part.” The 22-year-old told Archer Pride.

He went on to add that he is expecting great things for next season and is very excited for the prospects of the club.

“Marring some departures to our key players, we’ll have a pretty strong team next season. Some of us may be young but I’m sure we can fight for another top 5 run. We’re confident and we trust our manager.”

   The season has been pretty much up and down for the Verdeneri and their supporters would love to retain their current rank if not climb higher up the standings. Age has been a constant foe for the team this season as Archer talisman, Sebastián Ocio, and experienced winger  José Enrique Vigil are both in their mid 30’s with Ocio due to retire at the end of the season. The team are still looking for possible replacements for the duo.


Verdeneri boss, Jimbo, told Archer pride Friday evening that though his team has performed poorly in the past weeks, he is still glad to have deep roster when it comes to defense.

“We have many diferent players who can cover different positions in defense. I can also choose to play 3 or 4 in defense. Though our aging midfield is not as strong as I like to play only a 3-man defense.” The club owner said

“It’s a pain to have so many choices. But with all the suspensions and injuries we had this season, I’m glad to have this kind of depth.” he added

The club has the services of Philippine International Gaspar Alonso, towering defender Cesar Agudo, versatile defender Chus Calvillo, elder statesman Gonzalo Saavedra, and upcoming defenders like Alfredo Almansa and Francisco Javier Paredes.

Trouble seems to be on both defense and offense as the team scored only 40 goals and conceded 30 already in 20 matches. Last season they were able to score 88 goals and concede only 30 goals in the entirety of the 43rd season.

“We’re trying to figure out what’s wrong. What’s going on is a mystery to me. We’re bad defensively but we have strong caliber defenders, so I don’t know. It could be a mental thing.” Archers captain, Sebastian Ocio, told the media

The Verdeneri will host Real Madrid CR7 on Sunday afternoon and will hope to string a few good wins for the home fans.